Thursday, 5 August 2010

SUSAN CHANDEL - The Dream Was to Soar through Walls


An extremely versatile writer/friend met on the international website iPeace, has written her first book of memoirs and poetry, "The Dream Was to Soar through Walls", published by Sugar House Press.

Susan, also an artist and singer, was an active writer on the group I started on iPeace, 15,000 Stories. Susan was kind to mention the group in her biography for the book.

Congratulations Susan, so proud of you! Can't wait to read the book!


Una donna che è diventata un'amica sul sito iPeace, ha publicato il suo primo libro di storie e poesia, The Dream Was to Soar through Walls, di Sugar House Press.

Susan, artista, cantante, è stata un membro molto attiva sul gruppo di storie che ho creato sul sito iPeace, ed ora sulla sua biografia del libro, ha menzionato questo gruppo.

Congratulazioni Susan, sono tanta orgogliosa di te! Non vedo l'ora di leggere il libro!
(sotto la presentazione del libro)


In 'The Dream Was to Soar through Walls', Susan Chandel has gathered an exotic assemblage of memoir and poetry that embraces the ethereal,
while remaining fully engaged with the circumstances of a life of loss and survival. Part travelogue and part elegy, this is writing that will intrigue any reader with the courage of its passionate intimacy and the vibrancy of its imagistic surprises.
- Walter E. Butts, 2009-2014 New Hampshire Poet Laureate


Susan Chandel was first published in Seventeen Magazine in July 1974. Writing and drawing have been her passions since she was a young child growing up on Cape Cod. Her work has also appeared in The Café Review and the online collection iPeace:15,000 stories. Susan received a B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts, and promptly traveled North America in search of a reason not to settle down. She returned to New England, raised three children and has worked as an advocate in mental health, rape crisis and domestic violence for over 20 years. Currently, Susan lives with her ornery Chihuahua Cisco in her tree house in mid coast Maine.

photgraph by Don Bliss Sugar House Press
In this note: Renee Chandel (notes), Lori A Lettice (notes), Julianne Cantelo Lothrop (notes), Maine Writers (notes), Bridge Poetry (notes), Naugatuck River Review (notes), James Riverstone (notes)

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