Monday, 6 May 2019

Videos of my father, Olympian athlete Stephen Seymour

Stephen Seymour 
Olympian Champion London 1948
Working out at Santa Monica Beach, California 

Here are two videos regarding my father,
 Olympian silver medalist in London, 1948.

For a fascinating story of how these videos 
were brought to my attention, and more 
information regarding  my recent 
discoveries about my father,
 click on the third link to my blog.

1. Link to Stephen Seymour
 in the 1948 Olympics, 
throwing the javelin

2. Link to Stephen Seymour
 demonstrating all the technical 
steps to throwing the javelin

3. Link to my blog with details 
about how these videos were 
brought to my attention and many
 details regarding my father.
It is a fascinating story. 

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Stephen Seymour - Lucky Discoveries About My Father

Dr. Stephen Seymour, Olympic champion 
silver medalist, London 1948

(Please note  the two important links listed below in blue)

Just days ago one of the most extraordinary events of my life occurred.
 It was a connection that happened due to today’s electronic age,
 but also something that was triggered by a man’s passion for the javelin.

Kevin McGill received my contact information after reading a post I had
written on my blog See More Worlds, about  my father Stephen Seymour. 
My dad had been  an  silver medalist winner in the 1948 London
 Olympics in the javelin throw.

Kevin wrote me a long letter in which he told me that he had run across 
my dad’s javelin exploits in Modern Track and Field, a book by
 Ken Doherty. He quoted from my father’s javelin clinic in 1949, 
in front of the national College Track Coaches. Around that 
time there was an article on my father in Strength and Health 
(which he is trying to locate). The following quote interested Kevin,
 which was a postscript of my father’s:

“One mustn’t think of the javelin as  a minor sport,
like curling or anything. The javelin represents
 the glory of Greece and it symbolizes man’s search
 for his primitive ancestral identity.
 I can blink my eyes and look out at a javelin thrower
 and see tens of thousands of warriors marching 
across the field and I can hear the voices of antiquity. 
No, the javelin isn’t some minor sport. It is classic.
 It is beauty. It is excellence. It is immortality.”

(Steve Seymour, 1948 Olympic Games silver medal winner
 (Kirshenbaum 1969, p401)

Kevin McGill himself is a former javelin thrower who never
 lost interest in the event in nearly 60 years. He had coached 
at Columbia, and currently  assists several javelin throwers
 in college and high school. Regarding the above quote he writes:

 It seems to me that the current track and field world
 needs to be reminded of this quote, and the terrific 
accomplishment of your father.”

He continued : “He was the first US thrower to go to Finland in search
 of how they threw and trained. I was lucky to find a video of him
 throwing in the 1948 Olympics, in the middle of a video in Finnish
 on the winner. He was already a good technician, much better
 than any American, until Bud Held came around. “

“Here is a guy who basically started
 modern American javelin throwing.
 The current coaches and athletes 
should learn more about this terrific athlete!!”

Kevin’s second letter contained the link to this video.
First, I will say that while in Los Angeles last year, I desperately
 tried to save an old movie reel from the 1940’s that had been packed
 away in a blanket, in my parents’ garage. It  included faded and 
unrepairable clips of my dad. The film itself was a fire hazard and
 had already “burned” through the round metal container it had been 
stored in. The most I could do was to take a video of the faded film,
 and some artistic photographs.You can barely see the subject matter,
 but one could see an arm and a javelin that had to be my father’s. I
 went to the fire department to find out about the danger of this kind 
of film, and eventually a Los Angeles agency came to pick 
up the film  and then disposed of it safely.

The  following link  shows my father at about 4:32
 competing in the 1948 Olympics.

In mailing me this video Kevin writes
“ The speaker is the gold medalist. I would love
 to know what he said about your dad!!”

I too was curious to know, and got in touch
 with a friend on Facebook, Aras.who I knew to be from
Finland! He and his Finnish wife kindly sent me the
 translation of this Olympian winner’s words, which were
 emotional to hear and learn about at this time in my life:

“If anyone can shoot longer, then he should be the best. 
There was a guy from California, Doctor Seymour, who was
 in better shape than me. But he had bad luck. In the London 
Olympic Games the wrong man won the title! Seymour was 
much better than me but he didn’t have luck and he lost
 because of throwing just three meters short.”

I reflected on this comment of the first place winner. It was a very
 different world one time!! He actually admitted to the public of being
 the wrong man! I can imagine my father’s disappointment to not have
 had a “lucky” day. I wonder now if he every was knowledgeable about
 the words of  this winner, I imagine so.I was very impressed by this 
first place winner's honesty and generosity in saying and admitting that
 he should not have won. Times have definitely changed in the world of 
sports, and not only! I also am curious to know whether a painting that
 I found in my parents’ house, a painting from Finland was bought
 by my father or perhaps it was a gift from someone
 in Finland. This will be almost impossible to know.

Supposedly the winner went on, said the translator of the video, 
 to be a very successful actor and singer in Finland. His songs are
 still sung to children to lull them to sleep at night. My dad had
 told me that he himself had been asked to play the role of 
Tarzan once....I never knew whether to believe him or not,
 but after hearing of this athlete becoming an actor, perhaps
 this is what happened to well-known athletes once they
 won....Hollywood got ahold of them!

A day or two later Kevin sent me yet another link. 
This time an even more detailed one, a “guide” to the 
rules of throwing the javelin, with my father as a very 
young man, demonstrating. Possibly this film was 
created by the military, as Kevin wrote. They
 refer to my father as “Captain”. Here is this link:

On a personal note, to see my father, run, jump, throw, and
 to see his facial expressions, after so many years (he died in 1973),
 was more than emotionally moving.

I am very happy to share this story with you.
 For me it is definitely a highlight of my life.
It is also a bittersweet story, since my mother
 just passed away last year and I  am sure she would 
have been thrilled to see these videos of her first
 husband in his younger years. 

As this story proves, even later on in life, there is 
always the possibility to have wonderful surprises
 happen. And usually these special things happen due
 to special people who have a passion for life,
 and in this case,a true passion for sports.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Wine in China, Sex Toys, and TV!!

on television in Italy last night I turned on a program about wine in China.

I am always interested in programs regarding CHINA after many trips there and family who are connected to that country for work.

Two elegant sommelier (a lovely Chinese woman, and an Italian man) were  tasting and discussing what kinds of wine sold well in China.

The SURPRISE came (shall I say SHOCK) when they ran a short video of a very wealthy businessman in China who bragged about how much he paid for various bottles of prized wine. One of his bottles is worth 50,000 dollars (!) 

After showing this man surrounded by bottles, there was another surprise ...a  machine transporting what I first believed to be bottles (??....they were awfully thin for bottles, they were a bit curved to be bottles....)

His statement:
"I make SEX TOYS" "I used to like sex....
but now I like wine, one changes."

NOW................RAI UNO, 
Are you trying to tell me that you didn't know what was on that film?
Is money more important than a bit of class? (stupid question)

And....Mr. Wealthy Chinese Businessman....are pictures of your sex toys on an elegant film about wine, especially for Italy, supposed to help sales? (I would imagine so...otherwise, what was he trying to show that he is culturally an "all-around success in all fields"?)

The HILARIOUS thing was that immediately
 after this film, the people in the studio
 (the show host and his two guests)
 just casually continued talking
and not a word about SEX! 

I took this short video while watching the program....not having the faintest idea of what the ending was going to present. Here goes.......................CLICK ON THIS TITLE  FOR A SHORT VIDEO 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Rasiglia, Umbria

A BEAUTIFUL morning for a little trip for our first time to Rasiglia, about 50 minutes from Perugia.
In the hills after Foligno, this small town has gotten a lot of attention in the last two years due to social media. It is filled with clear and fresh flowing water, small waterfalls and fresh air, in a modest quiet little town.
Here are some photos of our morning....

Monday, 16 July 2018

Back to Castelluccio!! Don't forget love and respect!!

Let's respect one of the most beautiful places Umbria has to offer:

This year Castelluccio is being invaded by tourists,
which is a good thing.
 BUT what I understand from internet, people are not THINKING
 or using good sense in visiting this beautiful place. 
They are CRUSHING flowers under the weight of their shoes and bodies, 
they are SITTING on flowers and in the fields meant to be admired by all!!. 

If you don't understand what to do when you go visit this magnificent place, please read below.
Thanks from

Mr. Flower
Miss Fields
Mother Nature

1. Don't trample on the flowers,
2. Stay on paths meant to be walked on 
3. Don't get into the fields for 
a "better" selfie or photos with friends.

These photos were taken a few years ago....
please....don't follow their poor example
 and do what the sign says
 "Stay Out"

Love is forever
but flowers can die in a minute. Watch your step!

"Stay out"!!
Photographers above all should be respectful of nature!
Get that couple out of that field! 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Opening at SPHINX - paintings of Stephanie together with jewelry

Yesterday afternoon the opening of my exhibition of paintings in the elegant window displays of
SPHINX  in Perugia.
A nice turnout, very enjoyable afternoon.
Here are a few of the many photographs taken. Showing of my paintings together with the vast variety of jewelry in the window displays until January 10, 2018.

Ieri pomeriggio l'inaugurazione della mia esibizione di dipinti nelle vetrine eleganti della gioielleria SPHINX di Perugia.
Ecco qualche fotografia -- i miei dipinti nelle vetrine del negozio con una bellissima varietà di gioielli. La mostra continua fino al 10 gennaio 2018.

THANK YOU to owner Anna (here to the right) for the generosity and enormous help in putting this show together, and to Nicoletta to the left, for her help. Wonderful teamwork, a pleasure to put this exhibition together with them.

GRAZIE MILLE al proprietario Anna (qui a destra nella foto) per la sua generosità e grande aiuto a mettere insieme questa mostra, ed anche a Nicoletta per il suo grande aiuto. E' stata un bel lavoro di squadra, un piacere lavorare insieme a far possibile questa mostra. 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

SPHINX - Anna and Nicoletta invite Stephanie

Friday at the spacious and beautiful jewelry store SPHINX in Ellera (Perugia) I will be showing small paintings in the many windows of the store along with their jewelry.

Here is a detail of one of the paintings along with the invitation.
All invited, hope to see you there.

Monday, 16 October 2017

ART LOVE ELEPHANT - to help save the elephant

Here a couple of photos of the exhibition in which my new painting THE END is on display in the Benetton Museum in Mogliano Veneto, Treviso.

Part of the proceeds of sales will go towards this worthy cause, to help save elephants.

Here my painting, 50x1,30cm painting THE END acrylic on canvas.

Catalogue available with the works of thirty artists, painters and sculptors.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

"Sphinx  invites Stephanie Seymour " 

Opening Friday October 27, 5pm at SPHINX 
 Stephanie's paintings
 together with jewelry in this stunning store at La Galleria, Ellera (Perugia). 

All are invited to share a glass of wine together.
 Feel free to share this event, that is open to all. 

Hope to see you there!

Friday, 6 October 2017

MAGICAL MUSIC DAY -- Can this be possible?

How can these coincidences be possible? A MAGICAL MUSICAL DAY.....???

I woke up at 6am to a message I read on my cellphone from a group of musicians in the USA.

I went back to bed and got up an hour later, reading about pianist brother who had landed in Korea and was getting ready for his performance of La La Land concert. There was a picture of him on stage at the piano.

I then wrote to a friend who's sister, who is a singer and does a cabaret performance, will be in this town and is looking for a place to perform. I wrote to a couple of musical friends I know and told them about her, and asked if they had some places to suggest.

Then, I decided to post a picture of myself with three saxophone players in China, yes, three of them in a park, a great meeting, very delightful and fun taking photos with them.

So far, it was a lot of music-oriented things for my morning.

Then, I went to Via dei Filosofi in Perugia, took a walk down the street and all of a sudden heard super loud music, singing from a microphone and music! It was coming from.....a barber shop!
What??? I stopped, put a couple of bags on the ground, introduced myself, took a video of this extraordinary person, learned that he is a barber BUT that he sings at events, weddings, and loves to sing karaoke. It was WONDERFUL, he was DELIGHTFUL!!!

I couldn't believe meeting this man, and singing in a shop. A woman went by, remarked that "everyone stops to hear him". He even dedicated the song to me, and I have it on video! Wonderful!

I went to lunch at my mother-in-law's, and told her about my experiences of the day. We watched a video of my brother on Youtube.

I stopped into a shop in S. Sisto, where I told my story to a lovely young shop owner. She wished me "happy music" for the rest of my day and said "who knows what will happen next."

I didn't think anything COULD happen after that. But it did!
After at about a year and a half that I haven't heard from him, a pianist with whom I had a special on tv made in my home, several years ago, this pianist friend sent me a link to his new album.
Yes. I did end the day with one more coincidence, a musical one.

I T A L I A N   T R A N S L A T I O N FROM Google Translator

GIORNO MAGICO MUSICA - Può essere possibile? Come possono essere possibili queste coincidenze? UN MAGICO GIORNO MUSICALO ..... ??? Mi sono svegliato alle 6 del mattino a un messaggio che ho letto sul mio cellulare da un gruppo di musicisti negli Stati Uniti. Sono tornato a letto e mi sono alzato un'ora dopo, leggendo del fratello pianista che aveva atterrato in Corea e stava preparando per la sua performance del concerto La La Land. C'era una foto di lui sul palco al pianoforte. Ho poi scritto a un amico che è la sorella, che è una cantante e fa una performance cabaret, sarà in questa città e sta cercando un posto da svolgere. Ho scritto a un paio di amici musicali che conosco e li ho raccontati, e ho chiesto se avessero alcuni suggerimenti. Poi ho deciso di pubblicare una foto di me con tre giocatori di sassofono in Cina, sì, tre in un parco, una grande riunione, molto piacevole e divertente scattare foto con loro. Finora, sono state molte cose orientate alla musica per la mia mattina. Poi, sono andato in Via dei Filosofi a Perugia, sono andato a piedi lungo la strada e tutti improvvisamente sentito musica super forte, cantando da un microfono e musica! Veniva da ..... un negozio di barbiere! Che cosa??? Mi sono fermato, ho messo un paio di sacchetti per terra, mi sono presentato, ho preso un video di questa straordinaria persona, ho appreso che è un barbiere ma che canta a eventi, matrimoni e ama cantare karaoke. E 'stato MERAVIGLIOSO, E' stato DELLEZZA !!! Non potrei credere di incontrare questo uomo e cantare in un negozio. Una donna è andata, ha osservato che "ognuno smette di sentirlo". Ha anche dedicato la canzone a me, e lo ho in video! Meraviglioso! Sono andato a pranzo a mia suocera e le ho detto delle mie esperienze del giorno. Abbiamo guardato un video di mio fratello su Youtube. Mi sono fermato in un negozio a S. Sisto, dove ho raccontato la mia storia ad un giovane proprietario di un bel negozio. Mi ha augurato "musica felice" per il resto della mia giornata e ha detto "chissà cosa succederà dopo". Non ho pensato a nulla POST dopo che. Ma è successo! Dopo circa un anno e mezzo che non ho sentito parlare di lui, un pianista con cui ho avuto un appuntamento in tv fatto in casa mia, molti anni fa, questo amico pianista mi ha inviato un link al suo nuovo album. Sì. Ho finito la giornata con un'altra coincidenza, una musica.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Art Love Elephant

Coming up Oct 6 - 22
An exhibition including my painting to help save elephants!
Click here for the program.

Collective art show Art Love Elephant

Tuesday, 18 July 2017





Sunday, 15 January 2017

Art competition La Quadrata - GOLDEN LADY by Stephanie Seymour

Art contest Meloart Gallery, Italy

"Golden Lady"
One of my latest artworks for an art competition for La Quadrata, Meloart Gallery, Livorno.
To vote for me, please click on above link, then on little star in left-hand corner on the top of the page.
Thank you!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Jet Lag, good morning good night

Jet Lag is a funny thing,
 but not that funny the day before Christmas
  when all through the house not a creature
 is moving except for those who have jet lag.

Yesterday I went for a well-needed nap, late, at 4pm. At 8pm I found the lights on in the hallway and thought "Why didn't my husband close the door while he gets ready for work now at 6.45am!?" Then my hand felt that I had jeans on....WHAT?...I thought...Jeans on for sleeping all night???

Only then did I realize that it was 8 and he had come home from work and I had slept four full hours after being back from the USA for a bit over a week. What a lot of confusion!! Where AM I and what am I doing at all these strange hours?

So, friends, observers of my blog, people far away, and others in and on my timezone.

Travel is wonderful, travel is marvelous, but it can do strange things to our inner clock.
Here it is 5.15am in Italy, and 8.15pm in the States where I just came from. Today is a fun and busy day, daughter will arrive from another Italian city, and tonight a big wonderful meal at my relative's house. Tomorrow a nice meal here, the house to be straightened up and food cooked but boy oh boy....I am going to be tired with all this jet lag....

Hello, goodby, good morning and good night to you all!

Monday, 7 November 2016


BUMP -- a great fun word, lots of action in this one

DUMP -- we all need to sometimes, we all have found stuff in them

HUMP -- camels have them, sometimes we have to climb over them

JUMP -- who hasn't done THIS one! It was part of growing up, and even jumping from one
               thing to another
LUMP -- hmmmm......kind of a scary word, could be, can be, but one of these in mashed potatoes                       isn't so bad really, better than other kinds of these

MUMP -- is a single one of these ok? Or do they only come in couples??

PUMP -- we had one in the garage in the kid, and gas stations always have them. A fun, conveniente                  word.

RUMP -- as in roast (meat)....but why do they talk about a woman's _________ calling it her rump??

STUMP -- yes, another word from the garden, my youth, when stumps and pumps and jumps and humps were all around us, and we were all around all of these things


(Remember America is NOT the only place in the world and we over here are counting on you!)

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Press Release THE OTHER SIDE of Stephanie Seymour

This month I will be presenting a large new series of paintings
 at an exhibition at the Gaia Gallery in Papiano (Marsciano) which
 is in the Regione of Umbria, Italy.
Here is the press release translated into English,
 written by curator and artist, Pino Bonanno. 

Saturday October 15, 2016, during the event AMACI (Contemporary Art Day), the opening of the personal art exhibition “The Other Side” will be held at 7pm at Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220, Marsciano – Papiano (Perugia) of the artist Stephanie Seymour, with the presentation by Fiorenza Mosci.
The exhibition is an event organized by E20Gaia.

Between irony,  social commitment, the need to represent the limits that  existence imposes, the pleasure of letting go to the aesthetics of creating, to the incessant dialogue with  color and its mysteries, Stephanie Seymour fascinates us with her works in the exhibition "The Other Side ".

The exhibition is a project in which the search for one’s self  exalts through sustained action of internal analysis. Seymour is an artist who stubbornly pursues  responses between landings and departures, in the need to crystallize the poetic inclination of life, invisible and elusive of this present illusion.  She is a diviner who has an urgent inner need to give shape and structure of language to her emotions.

Hers is an expressive and human universe, dense and complex: her art lives on poetry and, at the same time, is extraordinarily visionary. It is expressed on the border between  dreamlike and surreal, and  takes unpredictable forms, never predictable.

Her attention is to the psychological relationship between
herself and  reality that surrounds her, in the attempt to imagine other identities that enable them to live and overcome the increasingly suffocating  and repetition of everyday life.   

The nature of humanity and her deep poetic feeling is the center for artistic reflection that finds its maximum expression in intense chromatic elaboration  full of suggestions for insatiable soul-searching.
The exhibition is also a reflection on  woman and her role in relationships with  reality that surrounds her.  As body and character, precious presence and misunderstood human figure, strong and weak.              Pino Bonanno

Artist:  Stephanie Seymour
Opening :  Saturday October 15, 2016, 7pm
Gallery:  Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220 – Marsciano-Papiano (Pg)
Dates:  15 Ottobre   –  20 Novembre 2016
Curator:  Pino Bonanno
Presentation of exhibition: Fiorenza Mosci
Hours open: Monday to Sunday 10am-13pm  – 4pm – 7.
Secretary organizers:  E20 Gaia - e-mal: -  tel.+39.347.3652984                


The best way to know who I am is to see what I create. Take a look at this blog or my other one regarding my art.

Double images....

Double images....
LOVE the double or triple image maker on my Nikon D80. Just set it, and then take two or three pics.

What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.