Wednesday 4 May 2022

LEDIO in Albania who works at Customer Service, Mediaworld

 LEDIO IN ALBANIA: Customer Service, Mediaworld

Yesterday I had a problem ordering something on Internet. I had to sign up to a website of a store, forgetting that I had already done it years ago. That was the problem that had blocked me in the beginning so I couldn't order my product.

I spent SO MUCH TIME online and so I contacted Customer Service. I was getting help from a boy with an unusual name so I asked him from where he came from (and from where he was calling too). Ledio, from Albania, was so patient, kind, well mannered, a splendid person. He helped me from the beginning to the end, signing me up again and even by ordering the product. If only everyone had his kindness, calm, especially since I was already nervous to have had spent so much time with repetitive questions from the internet, he gave me hope in youth, in the future (am I esaggerating?) and without a doubt, he is helping the world to understand that foreigners are not our enemy but one of us, and without a doubt, they can teach us a lot.

After a lot of compliments that I gave him, I wrote to customer service to tell them about my excellent experience with this patient and kind boy. I lost a lot of time (I believe these websites could explain better what the problem might be from the beginning to avoid having to contact customer service) but comunication is always difficult, thus, Customer Service to the rescue!

Thank you Ledio, I wish you a life as you would want it, hopefully finding a job that is even better, where you can meet people face to face,  because through you, the world can become a better place. 

I T A L I A N O.......

Ieri ho avuto un problema ad ordinare una cosa su internet. Ho dovuto inscrivermi ad un sito del negozio, dimenticando completamente che l'avevo fatto anni fa. Era proprio questo il problema che mi ha bloccato all'inizio dal ordinare il prodotto.

Ho passato troppo tempo online, e così ho contattato il servizio clienti. Ho cominciato ad essere assistito da un ragazzo con un nome molto particolare, allora ho chiesto da dove veniva. Lui, Ledio, Albanese e' stato così paziente, gentile, cordiali, una persona splendida. Mi ha aiutato dall'inizio alla fine a iscrivermi di nuovo, ed anche ad ordinare il prodotto. Magari tutti con la sua gentilezza, calma, bei modi, parole rassicuranti. Ero proprio colpita da questa persona che ha creato una calma per me, già nervosa di dover combattere con richieste ripetitive dall'internet, che lui mi ha dato speranza nei giovani, nel futuro (esagero?) e senz'altro, sta aiutando il mondo a capire che lo straniero non è un nemico, è uno di noi, e molti senz'altro, ci possono insegnare tante cose.
Dopo tanti complimenti che gli ho fatto, ho scritto al servizio clienti per raccontare della mia ottima esperienza con questo ragazzo gentile e paziente. Ho perso un sacco di tempo (secondo me questi siti potrebbero aiutarvi a capire il problema sin dall'inizio, così di poter risolvere da soli il problema) ma la comunicazione è sempre difficile e manca, perciò: Servizio Clienti al soccorso!
Grazie Ledio, ti auguro una vita come la vorresti, magari trovando un lavoro ancora più bello, dove ti possono conoscere faccia a faccia, perche tramite te, il mondo diventa un posto migliore.

Thursday 27 January 2022

Stephan Seymour - post about my father on Javelin Throwers Unite (Facebook)

 Javelin Throwers Unite

The following post was published on this group on Facebook. I had yet to be on a group that is so incredibly international. This, because as I am learning, the javelin is a sport that is appreciated and practiced by every country in the world. The almost 17,000 members in this group show the interest there is, and the presently 111 likes on this post of mine shows that people are passionate about this ancient sport. All in all, it is very exciting to follow what is going on in this group. Here is my latest post:

It’s an honor to be in this extraordinary international group not because I am an athlete, but because my father was. Just a few years ago, thanks to meeting Kevin McGill on the internet, not only did I learn about my father’s sports career through Kevin’s interest and research but thanks to him, for the first time I actually saw the original video of my father throwing the javelin in the 1948 London Olympics! That kind of a thrill doesn’t happen every day in a person’s life, and actually, it could also have never happened at all.

One could say “If it hadn’t been for the internet” this lucky encounter with Kevin, would never have happened. But actually the key word is “passion”, both of Kevin for the javelin and the passion my father had to write the following words that intrigued Kevin to want to learn more about him:
“One mustn’t think of the javelin as a minor sport like curling or anything. The javelin represents the glory of Greece and it symbolizes man’s search for his primitive ancestral identity. I can blink my eyes and look out at a javelin thrower and see tens of thousands of warriors marching across the field and I can hear the voices of antiquity. No, the javelin isn’t some minor sport. It is classic. It is beauty. It is excellence. It is immortality.” Dr. Steve Seymour
Looking over the posts in this group I get a feel of what it was like for my father as a young athlete. Seeing what you athletes are doing, how hard you are training and competing gives me an idea of what life was like for my dad. It’s bringing him back to life for me, following your posts, and it is exciting, I relive his life through your actions and achievements.
If you’d like to know more about my father, Kevin McGill (coach, writer, Javelin enthusiast) wrote the most complete essay about him in Track and Field:
Steve Seymour won the silver medal for javelin in London, 1948. He also was considered the first Javelin Technician and had quite the life. He loved travel and might not have been surprised to see that I, his daughter ended up in Italy.
Javelin was his passion, I’m happy to share his story and grateful for Kevin McGill, after so many years to have brought his memory back to life.
Stephanie Seymour

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Gospel Connection 2021 Assisi Italy

 I had NO IDEA that this first time experience would be so totally incredibile and amazingly awesome!!

Singing for four days, parties, lectures, experimental use of the voice with top experts from the USA.

And staying in the Domus Pacis in Santa Maria degli Angeli (Assisi) was so peaceful and comfortable, and gave me a home away from home just to think about music, singing, harmonizing, and making new and fun friends.

What a total treat!! 

AND there was so much fun, and so many unusual happenings going on continuously, that during the TEAM BUILDING of various groups assembled from the over 150 people present, we had to present a song in a creative way, and I ended up singing as a tenor AND ended up wearing a moustache!!

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Hello after a long time and my new ETSY SHOP!!

 Hello world, hello my old city LA and hello Italy, where I have lived most of my life.

If this lockdown and virus and pandemia has done one good thing for me personally, it has increased my art activity!! I am painting a lot lately! And enjoying it immensely!

Luckily I have this as an activity, it relaxes me, it makes me feel great, and I produce a lot of little watercolor and goauche paintings. I also have changed my subject matter....going towards what REALLY has been super important to me during this time: N A T U R E.

I think we don't really realize just how important it is to us in general, but NOW.....WOW!!! Imagine walking only in a shopping mall, or trying to relax on pavement rather than in the middle of the woods or being surrounded by is a totally different thing. are the small paintings that I have produced lately, and I am enjoying it so much.

If you are interested in purchasing one, come to my ETSY SHOP, just click on the link below.

Happy holidays, and take care of yourselves and your families.

Best wishes,


Monday 14 September 2020

Chinese schoolground, Beijing

Chinese schoolground

My many trips to China were filled, of course, with images I remember. Those prefered ones, of China, which enthused me, many times had to do with the huge groups of children, or even trees, or lotus flowers. Anyhow, nothing is small in China, and groupings of objects or people, or food or buildings is common.
From the window on the 18th floor of my daughter's building (she lived and worked in Beijing for many years) I had this exquisite view of children preparing for their physical education lessons. I was always impressed by the order, the efficiency of the children and teachers, and the size of the classes. I noticed also their skill with exercises, the capability they had with using a basketball or other sports equipment. It was always quite impressive! 


Thursday 3 September 2020

 SOUL in Beijing

There are a lot of things I miss about not going to China this year. Not the "new" things, but those with "soul". There are a lot of things that still have those special feelings of a place, the depth, the beauty, the poetry. Those people who practice the things that you know one day won't exist anymore, so now they are gold in value.

One day in a park I saw this man who was 80 years old, with a glowing smile, beautiful posture, and a gracefulness that only a person in great shape can have. He walked around and around these shaded trees, with a stick, deepening the already written lines that he carefully created to embellish the area, that by now had become "his". The symbols around the trees were explained to me by my daughter. We followed him both with our steps and with our eyes, admiring his silence, his precision in creating such a beautiful design with pure earth, actually, at times with mud. He would add water when necessary, and return often to make sure the lines were deep enough to maintain the many curved lines that he created. He would also brush away stray leaves, anything disturbing the clean design.
It was beautiful in all ways. His devotion to this special dance, this exercise, all of it leading to beauty thanks to his work and passion.
He would get close to the earth to work on the lines, digging them deeper and deeper to make sure they would keep.
A year after we returned to this area of the park.
Only a faint faint line remained. Only an intent eye would notice it, one who was looking for it as I was.
The lines were gone, I imagine, forever.
Sad and disappointed, I searched and found nothing that showed any life of this excellent and unique area.
Was the man gone as well?

Tuesday 1 September 2020


A magnificent day in a jewel of a town in Umbria.

About 40 kilometers from Perugia is a small, yet rich and extraordinary town called Montone. In the 45+ years I have been in Perugia, I had never been there. Now, it is surely one of the most extraordinary little places I have been to, and I do hope to return.

Surrounding oneself with 360 degrees of nature and pure peace and beauty is a LOT in these times! A magnificent little place, filled with delightful surprises.

We started the day walking into the center of town, on the small main plaza, and EVERYONE'S eyes were on us! It was like "Hey, new people come to visit us!" And there we were, on full display, trying to then decide where to have a little breakfast, which bar to chose from, and where we would be safe or safer during these Covid times. We chose a little table that felt protected, against the wall of a bar, thinking that there we would be alone...

I would love to say that this was a perfect little snack, but actually, although it looked nice and the pastries fluffy, they were quite a disappointment!! But it did get a laugh from us. The whole wheat flour contained honey,, but perhaps 1/8th of a teaspoon, and the cornetto was so wide and without character or a great taste, that we just had a laugh over it.

We sat and enjoyed the view of people walking by, and also had a surprising visitor just a couple of meters from us. A middle aged man had a loud cellphone conversation right in front of us, as if he was there to inform us of his life and affairs. It was really quite amusing, he just planted  himself there, as we sunk our teeth into this flavorless pastry, and laughed at our first experience in the town. It was worth the price, just to have this odd and amusing situation happen to us, as people without masks dodged our table by just inches, and we though how our peace and quiet was not to begin in this precise spot....not yet. 

TIME FOR LUNCH!!! And THIS was a magical moment, a wonderful experience filled with glorious food and delightful finishing touches. We sat outside at ERBA LUNA (check it out on Tripadvisor as we did) and delighted in the shady spot we had with a view of plants and of hills and clouds in the distance. There were butterflies, trees, lovely atmosphere and as we waited we relaxed totally. We ordered some delicious plates, my tagliarine with porcine mushrooms was wonderful, and I later discovered that the pasta had even more mushrooms in the pasta itself! Then my special grilled vegetables were so beautiful and also so delicate to eat. I really enjoyed it, both for the freshness and the original way it was served, and for the beauty of the plate itself.

Even the coffee that I ordered was served with a tiny little pitcher of milk WITH its own froth, so it became a tiny little cappuccino in my expresso cup. This is something that never happens! Such attention to detail! A cook who cares, about detail and pleasing their customers! was quite a meal, and very appreciated by myself and husband. I fully reccomend ERBA LUNA to anyone coming to Montone.

Also, the restaurant in front of the garden area where we ate is antique and marvelous...worth the visit to go in and see, and later in winter months, is surely the home to many an exquisite meal and elegante dining experience. 

Meeting the cook and his partner was also a treat. Their conversation made me realize how passionate they are with cooking and making the experience so special.

On a funny note, I asked where there were woods where we might go and rest on a blanket as we did in another woods in another town, and we were warned.....careful, there might be wild boars. nap after lunch that day!

Friday 27 March 2020

Coronavirus MASKS -- words from China

Just spoke with my daughter who lives in China. She calls to share her experiences, give us advice and we listen.
Regarding masks, this is what she recommends, this is what China recommends:

When you leave your house, for example when you get into a parking lot PUT ON A MASK.
As she states, you do not know WHO was walking in that area BEFORE YOU. 
These are preventive measures for a very contatgious virus. In India, for example, where they don't have masks, they have been told to stay at home inside their houses for two months. Where we DO have masks, we should use them, as prevention. This is how they do it in China, and China has things under control now, so we should follow their example.

When you go into a closed area, such as a supermarket, there it is a good idea to use one of the heavier masks if you have one.

When you put on a surgical mask, pinch the nose area of the mask.
She also says that, if you use the mask for a short period of time, you can use it again and again (since there is such a shortage of masks). When you come home, HANG THE MASK, for example, on a hanger in order for it to dry. Be careful not to touch it with dirty hands, wash your hands before removing it.

Good luck to us all.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Coronavirus and health precautions from daughter in China

The following was just sent to me from my daughter who lives in Beijing China.
This bulletin, in both Chinese and English, is displayed all over China in
public places and advises the public how to help prevent contracting the virus
through simple rules of good health and hygiene.  It was published in mid January, 2020.

“Public Prevention of Pneumonia Caused by Novel Coronavirus”

The pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus is a newly-found disease
 from which the public should strengthen prevention in order to help
 foreigners understand and master the relevant knowledge of prevention. 
National Immigration Administration has compiled and translated this
 guide according to the Public Prevention Notes provided by the Chinese
 Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

      1. Reduce outdoor activities as much as possible.

   1.    Avoid visiting areas where the disease is prevalent

   2.   It is recommended to make less visits to relatives and friends and dining together during    the epidemic prevention and control, and stay at home as much as possible.

   3.    Try to avoid visits to crowded public areas, especially plaes of poor ventilation, such as public bathrooms. Hot springs, cinemas, internet bars, karaokes, shopping malls, bus/train stations, airports, ferry terminals and exhibition centers, etc.

2.  Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene

1.    It is recomended that a mask shall be worn when going out. A surgical or N95 mask shall be worn when visiting public areas, hospitals or taking public transportation.

2.    Keep your hands sanitized. Try to avoid touching public objects and parts in public areas. After returning from public areas, covering your cough, using the restroom, and before meals, please wash your hands with soap or liquid soap under running water, or use alcoholic hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes when you are unsure whether your hands are clean or not. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when sneezing or coughing.

             3. Health Monitoring and Seeking Medical Attention

1.                   1. Monitor the health conditions of your family members and yourself. Measure your      t 
                     temperatures when you feel like you have a fever. If you have a child at home
 t                    touch his forehead in the morning and at night. Measure his temperature in case of fever.

2.                 2. Wear a mask and seek medical attention at nearby hospitals in case of suspicious                                  symptoms. Go to medical institution in a timely manner in case of suspicious symptoms
s                   lating to pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus are found. Such symptoms 
i                   include fever, cough, pharyngalgia, chest distress, dyspnea, mildly poor appetite, 
f                   feebleness, mild lethargy,  nausea, diarrhea, headache, palpitation, conjunctivitis, mildly
                   sore limbs or back muscles, etc. Try to avoid taking metro, bus and other public
 t                 transportation and visiting crowded areas. Tell the doctor your travel and   residence
                    history in epidemic areas, and whom you met after you got the disease. Cooperate
                    with your doctor on the relevant queries.

           4D Keep Good Hygiene and Health Habits

           1.  Frequently open the windows of your house for better ventilation.

2.  Do not share towels with your family members. Keep your home and table clean. Sun-dry your clothes and quilts often.

3.   Do not spit. Wrap your oral and nasal secretion with tissue and throw it in the covered dustbin.

4.   Balance your nutrition and exercise moderately.

5. Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals (game). Try to avoid visiting markets that sell live animals.

Tuesday 24 March 2020


We are following what is happening in the States and are sorry, but unfortunately not surprised. Surprises are happening every day, there, here, and at a certain point, I at least had to ask myself, "Now, what can I do to feel better, what can I do?"
Because, you have to do something! Activitiy will be your cure. You can only take so much news, so much negativity. Both physically and mentally it is wearing on body and soul.
Please, friends and family, take a pause, and do something nice for yourself.
Some people, I know, are terribly fragile. I see people asking when this will be over. Who can possibly know the answer! There are unknowns here, and the decisions made by the various governments will make a huge difference.
I look at it like this, at least I try to. I see that this is my life. Strangely, who would have ever imagined, THIS is the life of the whole world right now. It is as united in ONE THING as we could ever be. So, actually, I realize that I am extremely fortunate. With all my own personal problems or concerns, worries or fear, I am fortunate. In fact, a lot of my real displeasure right now is for those who are in horrifying situations, the ones who before all of this were already the sufferers in the wordl: war, hunger, health problems. No homes, no family, disease, handicaps, etc etc So, I am fortunate. AND since this is my life right now, I aim on making myself as strong as I can be. This is a priority.
Right now our real selves will be shown and expressed and we will discover a lot about ourselves. People will be able to take it, harden up their shell and get on with their lives somehow, and get something done. Whatever it is, they will use action to help solve their lonliness, sadness, depression. Being inactive could be very serious right now, it is not something to follow -- the desire to just hide, or watch tv all day, or sleep all day or drink. These things could lead to something more negative and that would be a shame and could be very dangerous.
Please read this extraordinary story someone posted today, I do believe it should be adopted by all in order to have a clearer starting point, a wiser place to begin to make this "adventure" worthwhile, in a way. Here it is. And good luck, but please, read the message with an open mind. I find it very helpful right now.
“Captain, the hub is worried and very agitated about the quarantine that they imposed on us at the port. Can you talk to us? " "What troubles you, boy? Don't you have enough food? Don't you sleep enough?" "This is not it, Captain, I can't stand not being able to go ashore, not being able to embrace my loved ones." "And if they let you down and you were contagious, would you bear the guilt of infecting someone who can't stand the disease?"
I would never forgive him, even if this plague was invented for me! " "Maybe it is, but if it doesn't?" "I understand what you mean, but I feel deprived of freedom, Captain, they have deprived me of something." "And you deprive yourself of even more things, boy." "You are making fun of me?" "Not at all ... If you let yourself be deprived of something without responding adequately, you have lost". "So, in your opinion, if they take something from me, do I have to take other ones off to win?" "Sure. I did it in the quarantine of seven years ago." "And what did you deprive yourself of?" "I had to wait more than twenty days on the ship. I had been waiting for months to enjoy the port and enjoy some spring on land. There was an epidemic. In Port April they forbade us to go down. The first days were hard. I felt like you. Then I started to respond to those impositions by not using logic. I knew that after twenty-one days of behavior a habit is created, and instead of complaining and creating terrible ones, I started behaving differently from all the others. I began to reflect on who, in deprivation, has many and for all the days of his miserable life, to get in the right perspective, then I worked to win. I started with food. I forced myself to eat half of what I normally ate, then I began to select more easily digestible foods, which would not overload my body. I went to feed on foods that, traditionally, contributed to keeping man healthy. The next step was to combine this with a purification of unhealthy thoughts, to have them ever higher and nobler. I forced myself to read at least one page a day of a book on a topic I didn't know. I forced myself to do physical exercises on the bridge at dawn. An old Indian had told me years ago that the body is empowered by holding its breathI forced myself to take deep breaths every morning. I believe my lungs never reached such a force. The evening was the time for prayers, the time to thank some entity that rules everything, for not giving me the fate of having serious deprivations for my whole life.
Always the Indian advised me, years before, to get into the habit of imagining light entering me and making me stronger. It could also work for loved ones who were far away from me, and so this practice also made an appearance on every day I spent on the ship.
Instead of thinking about everything I couldn't do, I thought about what I would do once I got off. I saw the scenes every day, lived them intensely and enjoyed the wait. Everything you can get right away is never interesting. Waiting serves to sublimate desire, to make it more powerful.
I had deprived myself of succulent foods, of many bottles of rum, of blasphemies and curses to be listed in front of the rest of the crew. I had deprived myself of playing cards, of sleeping a lot, of lazing around, of thinking only of what they were depriving me of. "
"How did it end, Captain?"
"I acquired all those new habits, boy. They made me get off after much longer than I expected."
"Did they also deprive you of spring, anyway?"
"Yes, that year they deprived me of spring, and of many other things, but I had nevertheless flourished, I had brought spring inside, and no one could have stolen it anymore".
Alessandro Frezza - from the diary of Donatella Anna Maffei

Monday 23 March 2020

CORONAVIRUS - thoughts from American in Italy

WHERE you are born and HOW you are brought up, may be a factor whether you live or die in this new situation. This thought came to mind when just now I was thinking about New Zealand, because one of my daughters is now there. We were there long ago, and to tell you the truth, after several weeks there I was sometimes missing the confusion and the imperfection of Italy! Everything is so well organized, and people are so polite and things work beautifully. In a place like that, I am almost sure that they will be able to get people to STAY AT HOME and not to socialize even if their don't force people to do so.
Here in Italy there is just too much "I don't care" as a common attitude. Just the fact that people cut into line, or throw paper out of the windows, or get rid of their dogs thinking others will pick them up and take them home, THESE ATTITUDES are now being shown here. And not only here in Italy. I do believe that where people are very free, and if those free people are also egotistic, then we and they have a HUGE PROBLEM THAT COULD COST THEM THEIR OWN LIFE AND THOSE OF OTHERS.
How does that work? For those who don't know, I will tell you (remember I AM NO EXPERT, JUST AN AMERICAN LIVING IN ITALY).
1. You go to a party
2. At the party someone has no symptoms but they have the virus
3. You speak with that person, you are close to them. You get these microscopic droplets into your system.
4. You go home and for the next two weeks you feel fine. You have NO SYMPTOMS. BUT....who knows how many people you have infected!! You would not even be able to keep count!
5. Let's say one of these people, like one of your parents get this virus from you. They end up in the hospital. Now, YOU HAVE TO ISOLATE YOURSELF, ALONE LIKE A DOG AND.....
GET IN TOUCH WITH EVERYBODY ELSE THAT YOU WERE WITH DURING THAT TIME.. At their homes, at the office, at the bank, in a bar, at a gym, at the market, at a party, at a concert, on the bus, on the metro, on the sidewalk waiting for a film, in the movies, at a coffee shop, at the post office, at your relative's house, at an old-age home, and the list goes on. YOU HAVE INFECTED ALL OF THESE PEOPLE!!! YES YOU!!
IF you are lucky enough to understand that you don't have to be born in a Comunist country where there are enforced laws and if you don't follow them you could be in deep trouble, then maybe you will be able to understand the above. YOUR ACTIONS, AND YOUR CHILDREN'S ACTIONS, COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!
And what about on the beach? We are seeing this NOW, TODAY, IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD. IS THAT OK? READ UP ABOUT IT!!!!!|!! IT IS NOT OK!
You put on sunscreen and another person uses the bottle, touches their face and eyes and mouth, and they have the virus from someone who didn't know they were contagious. This bottle and germs is being passed around, or drinks are being shared, cellphones and selfies. Towels, icecream, and holding hands and kisses. All these things now, yes, have to stop. IT IS NOT THE TIME!!!! READ UP ABOUT IT! PEOPLE ARE D Y I N G.
For some reason, probably also because they are so busy filling up hospitals and trying to save lives, are not telling us exactly the number of people who are young and dying. They are there.
We see plenty of posts about people online. Check it out, do your homework.
And shopping??? Once every two weeks for us is enough. We have a medium fridge, but those American fridges can hold enough for more than a month, or maybe two. If you don't have a lemon, or whatever, be without. It may cose you your life to go out! CHECK THE FACTS, AND CHECK THE SCIENTISTS.
Getting back to my beginning theme, about where one is born, I do think, some countries are more respectful of rules and regulations. Maybe lots of Americans are used to having police around, and lists of rules posted in gyms, schools, doctor offices. But, it has more to do with all sorts of things, and the big one is respect, RESPECT. Right now, RESPECT is going to save you, and me, and everyone. Hospitals are filling up so fast that they can't take everyone who needs them. They will fill up less if people do what the doctors are asking them to do, STAY AT HOME and this way less people will be contaged with the virus. IT IS SO SIMPLE, PLEASE, TRY TO UNDERSTAND!!

Thursday 19 March 2020

American in Italy and Coronavirus -- The Elderly

Coronavirus? The elderly? 

I am not an expert.  Just a normal American woman who has been living in Italy since 1974. And I also have a daughter in China, so I am lucky to receive information and  guidance and experience of this daughter who has learned a lot having lived through this virus directly in China. 

Where I live in Perugia it is a small city, so it is easy to hear directly of people's experiences. The number of contagious people in Italy is very high. We all know someone who works in the medical field here, so information is constantly getting to us.

From afar, I am seeing and hearing things that are being said and shared by Americans. I am disgusted with calling the virus the Chinese Virus (this, thanks to you know who!!). There are various ideas about whether the virus actually did come from China or not, which you can find on the web.
And I am also angered at the hostility against Chinese or Asians in general in the USA. It also has happened here, and is dreadful.

Today a friend just wrote asking me if it is true that "Italy is not caring for the elderly if they contract the virus". I looked it up on SNOPES to get the truth. Snopes searches the truth about current affairs mostly, and you can count on their research and opinions. 

As I had known basically, there are mixed answers on this question about the elderly. Definitely it is not that Italy doesn't care for the elderly, but just like in any other country who is not ready for the amount of people who are constantly being taken in ambulances to the hospitals, if they don't have enough machinery, enough of the machines that aid with respiratory difficulty, then at that point, if the hospitals are overcrowded and a decision must be made about who gets the machine and who doesn't, the choice will go to the person who has the most possibility of surviving.

 Italy is not the only country with a lack of these important machines. Also now we will see if the USA will be prepared to care for the amount of people that most likely will come down with the virus.

Another truth is that visitors are not able to come and visit very ill relatives because this virus is way too contagious. This means, now is the time to stop being with people, and if you have to be, a mask and a very good distance between the two of you. 

 Here is an EXCEPTIONAL list of what happened here in Italy, step by step worth the read: 


It may seem like something to joke about in the beginning, I think we all went
 through this period, not knowing much, not believing it was true, and taking 
it as if it was an impossibility. I just heard this morning of an island in Hawaii 
shutting down almost everything. Now in New Zealand they are not permitting
 any more foreigners into their country. And in the States, people are believing 
this is not hitting them? And to not take things seriously??

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Coronavirus -- Some Viewpoints from American mother in Italy, daughter in China

It has been a while since I have written here. I feel it is my duty to do so now.
Being an American who has lived in Italy for 45 years, and having a daughter who has been in Beijing, China  for five years, definitely our latest experience of the Coronavirus has changed our phonecall conversations, and has definitely made it more useful for me to talk with my daughter more often.
She gives me excellent advice, and I listen.
I thought I would share some of it here with you now.

She tells me to be very careful in some situations that we do not especially hear about now in Italy. Let's say, these hints are more specific, and can be easy to do and useful.

One things my daughter suggested is to avoid elevators. She suggests using a mask whenever you are in places where people might be, and now, crowds should be totally avoided as we have been doing here in Italy for weeks. But, today she mentioned this. When one walks into a building, where you must go into someone's home (for example, going to visit your mother or relative who you are assisting), immediately before getting into the building, you should put a mask on. Once in the apartment of the building you can take it off.
The reason for this is that you don't know who was in that building a few minutes before you, perhaps someone sneezed or coughed. The virus is not totally known, and extremely contagious. So, this extra precaution is useful.

Another interesting concept is that fruit and veggies, when possible, should be cooked as a preference.
IF you eat them raw, she suggested to peel them with ONE knife, and then when you are eating, use ANOTHER knife, not the same one. In Italy we shop and chose our produce with a plastic glove supplied by the store. But, if you chose and pick, and people are doing the same, this sounds like a logical idea to me.

You don't want to just bite into an apple in these times. Best to peel fruit. Here in Italy I know that sometimes people have the habit of washing their fruit first, and then peeling. But apples and pears are always peeled.

My daughter also told me that at her last apartment they had a large sign with rules to work by, during these times. If a person worked alone, they were told what kind of rules to go by. If they worked with others, there were other things to respect. It is extremely organized in China, and people do go by the rules.

Speaking of rules, it is so necessary now to isolate, and not to socialize. You just do not know for sure who might have this virus, even without having symptoms. That is the tricky part.

It might be interesting to see what the radio station CRI (China Radio International) has to say and what they post, also regarding rules to follow during this time. This is the Italian link. Definitely all other languages exist also, just Google them. I remember seeing an excellent video made by the Chinese regarding hand washing, but I am sure they have many others.

A smart thing, I believe, is to take the experiences of who has or is going through this before you. Read the experts, I am not one, but being here in Italy I have had a few days more experience than friends in the States. And I listen to my daughter who had even more experience, being in China.

As time goes on, each day passes, our worlds are getting smaller and smaller, we are more limited each day with what we can do outside of our four walls. Actually, lots of good is coming from this, along with the inconveniences. Look for the good, it exists, even in this situation.

Good luck and stay safe!!
In China with my daughter
Here's the Chinese Radio link

Sunday 24 November 2019


It was an exciting day in Perugia, Italy, when thousands (perhaps 7,000?) literally poured onto the main streets of the town, in the name of solidariety, peace  and looking to promote goodwill and acceptance of all people, rather than the hate and agressive language and behavior we have been used to lately, due to the political climate in Italy.

The sardines are a symbol of the thousands of people, crushed together like sardines in a can, filling the various cites of Italy and beyond, looking to unite and promote a new era, completely in the opposite direction of who is currently in power.

Click on this link to see (in Italian) myself being 
interviewed, as well as several other people who
 partecipated in the demonstration with their sardines as symbols. 

                           SARDINES IN PERUGIA

That is me in the center with my sardine that says PESCE AND LOVE (a play on words, rather than peace, I changed the letter to spell PESCE, which means, in Italian, FISH)
Two lovely girls that I met on the street, with their handmade sardines.

Lovely friends in Perugia, Pietro Crocchioni, artist and wife, Giuliana with their own sardine, painted by Pietro!

Fun and more new friends and sardines filling the streets. Some of the
 people are holding MY fish in order to let me use my camera to take these pictures.

A HUGE celebration, probably between 5,000 to 7,000 people.

Sunday 27 October 2019

Steve Seymour - article in TRACK COACH (Track and Field)

In the Fall, 2019 issue of Track and Field magazine (Track Coach)
 a detailed article about my father, Steve Seymour, silver medalist 
 in Javelin, London, 1948 has just been written by Kevin McGill.

Here is the link to Mc Gill’s recent article in Track Coach; an extensive story regarding my father’s sports career, as well as an excellent insight into my father’s life, philosophy and a deeper look into the talented and extraordinary person that he was.
I thank Kevin McGill for his passion and dedicated work and for all he has done for
my family and to help keep the memory of my father alive.

Here is the link to the article just published in Track Coach.

Happy reading.

Monday 6 May 2019

Videos of my father, Olympian athlete Stephen Seymour

Stephen Seymour 
Olympian Champion London 1948
Working out at Santa Monica Beach, California 

Here are two videos regarding my father,
 Olympian silver medalist in London, 1948.

For a fascinating story of how these videos 
were brought to my attention, and more 
information regarding  my recent 
discoveries about my father,
 click on the third link to my blog.

1. Link to Stephen Seymour
 in the 1948 Olympics, 
throwing the javelin

2. Link to Stephen Seymour
 demonstrating all the technical 
steps to throwing the javelin

3. Link to my blog with details 
about how these videos were 
brought to my attention and many
 details regarding my father.
It is a fascinating story. 


The best way to know who I am is to see what I create. Take a look at this blog or my other one regarding my art.

Double images....

Double images....
LOVE the double or triple image maker on my Nikon D80. Just set it, and then take two or three pics.

What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.