Sunday, 15 January 2017

Art competition La Quadrata - GOLDEN LADY by Stephanie Seymour

Art contest Meloart Gallery, Italy

"Golden Lady"
One of my latest artworks for an art competition for La Quadrata, Meloart Gallery, Livorno.
To vote for me, please click on above link, then on little star in left-hand corner on the top of the page.
Thank you!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Jet Lag, good morning good night

Jet Lag is a funny thing,
 but not that funny the day before Christmas
  when all through the house not a creature
 is moving except for those who have jet lag.

Yesterday I went for a well-needed nap, late, at 4pm. At 8pm I found the lights on in the hallway and thought "Why didn't my husband close the door while he gets ready for work now at 6.45am!?" Then my hand felt that I had jeans on....WHAT?...I thought...Jeans on for sleeping all night???

Only then did I realize that it was 8 and he had come home from work and I had slept four full hours after being back from the USA for a bit over a week. What a lot of confusion!! Where AM I and what am I doing at all these strange hours?

So, friends, observers of my blog, people far away, and others in and on my timezone.

Travel is wonderful, travel is marvelous, but it can do strange things to our inner clock.
Here it is 5.15am in Italy, and 8.15pm in the States where I just came from. Today is a fun and busy day, daughter will arrive from another Italian city, and tonight a big wonderful meal at my relative's house. Tomorrow a nice meal here, the house to be straightened up and food cooked but boy oh boy....I am going to be tired with all this jet lag....

Hello, goodby, good morning and good night to you all!

Monday, 7 November 2016


BUMP -- a great fun word, lots of action in this one

DUMP -- we all need to sometimes, we all have found stuff in them

HUMP -- camels have them, sometimes we have to climb over them

JUMP -- who hasn't done THIS one! It was part of growing up, and even jumping from one
               thing to another
LUMP -- hmmmm......kind of a scary word, could be, can be, but one of these in mashed potatoes                       isn't so bad really, better than other kinds of these

MUMP -- is a single one of these ok? Or do they only come in couples??

PUMP -- we had one in the garage in the kid, and gas stations always have them. A fun, conveniente                  word.

RUMP -- as in roast (meat)....but why do they talk about a woman's _________ calling it her rump??

STUMP -- yes, another word from the garden, my youth, when stumps and pumps and jumps and humps were all around us, and we were all around all of these things


(Remember America is NOT the only place in the world and we over here are counting on you!)

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Press Release THE OTHER SIDE of Stephanie Seymour

This month I will be presenting a large new series of paintings
 at an exhibition at the Gaia Gallery in Papiano (Marsciano) which
 is in the Regione of Umbria, Italy.
Here is the press release translated into English,
 written by curator and artist, Pino Bonanno. 

Saturday October 15, 2016, during the event AMACI (Contemporary Art Day), the opening of the personal art exhibition “The Other Side” will be held at 7pm at Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220, Marsciano – Papiano (Perugia) of the artist Stephanie Seymour, with the presentation by Fiorenza Mosci.
The exhibition is an event organized by E20Gaia.

Between irony,  social commitment, the need to represent the limits that  existence imposes, the pleasure of letting go to the aesthetics of creating, to the incessant dialogue with  color and its mysteries, Stephanie Seymour fascinates us with her works in the exhibition "The Other Side ".

The exhibition is a project in which the search for one’s self  exalts through sustained action of internal analysis. Seymour is an artist who stubbornly pursues  responses between landings and departures, in the need to crystallize the poetic inclination of life, invisible and elusive of this present illusion.  She is a diviner who has an urgent inner need to give shape and structure of language to her emotions.

Hers is an expressive and human universe, dense and complex: her art lives on poetry and, at the same time, is extraordinarily visionary. It is expressed on the border between  dreamlike and surreal, and  takes unpredictable forms, never predictable.

Her attention is to the psychological relationship between
herself and  reality that surrounds her, in the attempt to imagine other identities that enable them to live and overcome the increasingly suffocating  and repetition of everyday life.   

The nature of humanity and her deep poetic feeling is the center for artistic reflection that finds its maximum expression in intense chromatic elaboration  full of suggestions for insatiable soul-searching.
The exhibition is also a reflection on  woman and her role in relationships with  reality that surrounds her.  As body and character, precious presence and misunderstood human figure, strong and weak.              Pino Bonanno

Artist:  Stephanie Seymour
Opening :  Saturday October 15, 2016, 7pm
Gallery:  Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220 – Marsciano-Papiano (Pg)
Dates:  15 Ottobre   –  20 Novembre 2016
Curator:  Pino Bonanno
Presentation of exhibition: Fiorenza Mosci
Hours open: Monday to Sunday 10am-13pm  – 4pm – 7.
Secretary organizers:  E20 Gaia - e-mal: -  tel.+39.347.3652984                

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Opening painting exhibition THE OTHER SIDE Oct 15, 2016, Marsciano

Happy to announce my painting exhibition, THE OTHER SIDE coming up October 15, 2016.
Below, press release and map of the event.


Sabato 15 Ottobre 2016, nell’ambito di AMACI (Giornata del Contemporaneo), s’inaugura, alle ore 19, 00 , presso Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220, Marsciano –Papiano (Pg) la mostra “ The Other Side” dell’artista Stephanie Seymour, con la presentazione di Fiorenza Mosci
La mostra è un evento organizzato da E20 Gaia.

Fra ironia, impegno sociale, esigenze di rappresentare i limiti che l’esistenza impone, il piacere di lasciarsi andare all’estetica del fare, al dialogo incessante con il colore e i suoi misteri, Stephanie Seymour ci affascina con le sue opere nella mostra “The Other Side”.
La mostra vuol essere un progetto in cui si esalta la ricerca del sé attraverso un'azione continua di approfondimento interiore. Seymour è una artista che insegue ostinatamente risposte tra approdi e partenze, nel bisogno di cristallizzare la propensione poetica della vita, invisibile e imprendibile del presente illusorio. Ella è una rabdomante che ha l’urgente necessità interiore di dare forma e struttura di linguaggio alle sue emozioni.
Il suo è un universo espressivo e umano denso e complesso: la sua arte vive di poesia e, al tempo stesso, è straordinariamente visionaria. Si esprime sul confine tra la dimensione onirica e quella surreale e assume forme imprevedibili, mai scontate.
Usa molta attenzione al rapporto psicologico tra sé e la realtà che la circonda, nel tentativo di immaginare altre identità da vivere e che le facciano superare la quotidianità sempre asfissiante e presupponente.
La natura dell'umanità e del suo profondo sentimento poetico è il fulcro della riflessione artistica che trova espressione massima nelle elaborazioni cromatiche intense e piene di suggerimenti per la sua insaziabile ricerca interiore.
La mostra è anche una riflessione sulla donna e il suo ruolo nel rapporto con la realtà che la circonda. Come corpo e come carattere, preziosa presenza e incompresa figura umana, forte e debole.

Artista: Stephanie Seymour

Inaugurazione:  Sabato 15 Ottobre 2016 ore 19, 00

Sede Espositiva: Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220 – Marsciano-Papiano (Pg)

Durata della manifestazione:  15 Ottobre   –  20 Novembre 2016

Curatori dell’evento:  Pino Bonanno
Presentazione della mostra: Fiorenza Mosci

Orario:  da Lunedi a Domenica: 10/13 – 16/19, 30

Segreteria Organizzativa:  E20 Gaia - e-mal: -  tel.+39.347.3652984                

Thursday, 18 August 2016

i Vinarelli at Torgiano, Italy where artists paint with watercolours and WINE

Each year in the beautiful town of Torgiano, not far from Perugia, Italy, there is a great event where painters paint with WINE!
It's called i Vinarelli, because in Italian watercolours is called acquarelli (done with acqua, water) but here they paint with vino so....Vinarelli!

It is great fun, lots of artists sit at a long table, actually several tables, have dinner and then paint. Any subject matter is fine. The public has fun walking around and watching, taking pictures and lots of wine is drunk that night. But mostly a lot of it is used to paint with.
Here are some photos from the evening:
My first watercolor painting with wine 
and watercolours

My second piece, where grapes are escaping the group
 Friend Moreno Chiacchera, well-known illustrator and cartoonist 

 Silvie Bèal, May of Culture of Torgiano 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Stephen Seymour, Olympic champion 1948

 When the Olympics come around, I always think of my father and the silver medal he recived for the javelin throw in 1948 in the Olympics in London. Here is the write-up in Wikipedia about him. 

Steve Seymour

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other people named Stephen Seymour, see Stephen Seymour (disambiguation).
Steve Seymour
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing the  United States
Olympic Games
Silver medal – second place1948 LondonJavelin throw
Pan American Games
Silver medal – second placeBuenos Aires 1951Javelin throw
Stephen ("Steve") Andrew Seymour (October 4, 1920 in New York City – June 18, 1973 in Los Angeles) was anAmerican track and field athlete who competed in the javelin throw; he is regarded by track and field historians as America's original javelin technician.
Following the Second World War, performance levels of elite U.S. javelin throwers lagged well behind the Europeans. Seeking to refine his skills, Seymour spent 1946 in Finland, training with that nation's world-class throwers. It didn't take long for Steve Seymour's meticulous research to pay dividends. In 1947, Steve established an American Record of 75.80 meters (248' 8") at the U.S. AAU Championships; his mark was within ten-feet of the global standard set by Finland's Yrjo Nikkanen in 1938.
1948 was a memorable year in Seymour's relatively short career; he won a second consecutive national AAU title, and a silver medal at the Summer Olympics in London. In 1950, Steve Seymour added a third national championship to his collection; and in 1951 he was the silver medalist at the Pan American Games.

    Monday, 8 August 2016

    Photoshoot of my favorite model

    Photoshooot with my favorite model

    The above link shows a few of the photographs of the day....hope you enjoy them!

    When the husband of an artist starts getting artistic

    Husband: Hey, Steph, why don't you go and ask those tall women if they would take a photo together with you.

    Me: Oh....those tall women over there, tall like me....

    Husband: Yeah, it would be a nice photo...

    Me:OK, I feel a little funny, but I will ask the woman in the hat...

    Me:Hello, my husband was thinking that a photo of me and that other girl and you would be nice, since we are all tall.

    Woman in hat: Oh, of course! The other girl is my daughter!

    Me: GREAT!

    (Not only that, I met two splendid woman, the daughter is one of the artists at the show in Montepulciano, and the mother and I had a delightful conversation)
    Always pays to ask for a photograph!

    Friday, 5 August 2016

    Rainbows try their best

    The most unusual never-seen storm late last night.....
     constant thunder, lightening, rain....
    but it seemed the noise didn't stop...
    .the sky lit up constantly (not like usual storms where the sky lights up once in a while)
     and the rain was the less unusual of it all....
    pouring down, surely doing its harm somewhere in town or in the countryside....
    but this sky that kept lighting up and the roar of thunder....

    Here, in this "creative" version of the storm....the sky is lit up as the rain pours down.
    Photo taken from my balcony in Perugia Italy

    Rain is fine, 
    but usually in our summer months
     we don't have these storms that flood (often) 
    and that even bring hail, ruining agriculture,
     destroying a lot and putting cities in "tilt".
    Just to try to "do its best"...
    .and to cheer people up
     who are concerned about 
    this ever-changing weather.... 
    not necessarily due to natural causes
    Poor little rainbow...
    made his appearance 
    when most people were asleep in bed
     on a Saturday morning....
    (I was up to check out the color of the sky, to see what tree branches perhaps had come off during the storm). 
    He tried his best to cheer people up,
     just appeared too shortly, and at the wrong time of day....

    and this stunning view as well, for those like me who got up early....this was taken before 7am this morning...
    of the hills in the distance.

    Unfortunately, there were a lot of calls for damage (already checked the news).
    And the rain, this morning at 8am is continuing.

    Hopefully Mr. Rainbow will be back with an appearance to cheer people up.
    We all need it.

    Thursday, 28 July 2016

    The Other Side - of Stephanie Seymour at Gaia Gallery during Giornata di AMACI


    The Other Side
    painting exhibition of Stephanie Seymour  at the Gaia Gallery
    (Marsciano-Papiano, Art Farm Gaia, voc.Le logge 125)
     an event to be included as part of the
    Giornata di AMACI (AMACI Day)
    (Association of Contemporary Art Museums in Italy).

    The opening of the exhibition will  coincide with the  Giornata di AMACI  Oct 15, 2016
    and  will continue until Novembre 20th.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    The Other Side
     esibizione di pittura di Stephanie Seymour alla Galleria Gaia
    (Marsciano-Papiano, Art Farm Gaia, voc le logge 125) 
    un evento che sarà incluso come parte della Giornata di AMACI
    (Associazione Musei Arte Contemporanea Italia).

    L’inaugurazione della mostra coincide con la Giornata di AMACI il 15 ottobre, 2016 
    e continuerà fino al 20 Novembre 2016

    Per informazione clicca su questo link:

    Tuesday, 19 July 2016

    Sunday, 17 July 2016

    Step on your wife, kiss the flowers

    Nothing like a trip to my favorite place in Italy, CASTELLUCCIO!
    It is the most glorious of places, not far from the town of Norcia, and once one
     arrives your heart is filled with joy at the view, the air, the clouds,
     and the flowers which
     bloom during certain parts of the year.

    Here a young couple very much in love appartently are being photographed, perhaps professionally, or semi-professionally by a photographer who intelligently placed the couple in the fields were it is obviously seen by signage along the road "off limits".

     THIS is naturally, to protect the lovely flowers that will be destroyed and die under their new shiny shoes, trampled to death so that others cannot enjoy them.
    But, love, sweet kisses, why should NATURE matter when love is in the air??
    ENJOY young couple! 

    TAKE THOSE LOVE PHOTOS, Ms.Photographer!
    Is is ONLY NATURE!
    It is only there for thousands of others to enjoy.
    Why respect a simple STAY OUT sign when you can easily just step right IN, ON AND CRUSH
    what is there for ALL TO ENJOY?

    Will this couple love and respect one another as much as they apparently seem to love and respect nature?

    "Step on your wife, and kiss the flowers.......goodby."

    Friday, 1 July 2016

    It all seems normal

    When I took these photos I hadn't been researching it all, and my attention wasn't on these strange shapes of lines and cloud formations. I liked taking a picture of the plane, and wasn't really aware of what I was seeing in the sky.
    But then, as time went on I realized that none of what I was seeing in the sky looked normal. I started reading about it.
    Now I have other ideas about what I am seeing. Read, learn, you'll see that the sky shouldn't be looking like this but that you are getting used to it. And that is exactly what happens with everything, you just get used to what you are seeing, even if it is not normal.

    Monday, 27 June 2016

    What is going on in Italian skies

    This is not normal....or is it?
    I'm doing my research 
    and you??

    Driving back from a beautiful day in S. Giustino, past Città di Castello, outside Perugia,
    this is the scene I saw. My husband parked the car so I could take another photograph, several were taken while we were driving.

    Now, does it really seem normal?

    You owe it to yourself to check out some sites on weather modification
    and become informed.

    Tuesday, 21 June 2016

    2 X's in the sky

    If you look up and see something like this,
    is these any thought in your mind to try to figure out what it is?
    I have been looking up for months now, and what I see isn't anything like it used to be.
    We didn't have lines and streaks in our skies, and the weather wasn't as horrible as it has been.
    So I do a bit of research.
    It isn't difficult.
    Look in the sky, if you have the feeling that things are not ok, that things are different, it isn't difficult to find information on the net about what you are seeing.  It may be worth it to find out, for you, for your family, for the world.

    Friday, 17 June 2016

    Blue sky?

    To open our window and see a blue sky in Italy, that is something new!
    But...I don't understand what I am seeing on the hill....condensation, fog...oh well, for right now the sky is blue. And that is something rare!

    Well, the day is moving on
    an hour ago (about noon) it was like this

     now at 1pm here we are

    Curious to see how things go later on today....

    This is the new "normal"? Our poor skies in Italy. Our skies in Perugia.

    Is this the new "normal" sky?

    No words are necessary.

    WHO AM I??

    WHO AM I??
    The best way to know who I am is to see what I create. Take a look at this blog or my other one regarding my art.

    Double images....

    Double images....
    LOVE the double or triple image maker on my Nikon D80. Just set it, and then take two or three pics.

    What's the weather like now in Perugia?

    Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.