Thursday, 19 January 2012

How do people in Italy feel about the cruise ship story?

I know how I feel.
I think how I feel may be different from many of the people's feelings.
I may be wrong.
We are influenced by what we read and see on tv. THAT is the powerful message of how we get our information, thus, our thoughts about what has happened.
I personally feel terribly sorry. Sorry for the loss, the pain, the ruining of many families' lives. The deaths, and also, about the need of people to not only see the comander of the ship who made huge costly mistakes, but the need to point fingers and blame, but to blame in a aggressive way. That is the part I don't like.
I put myself in his shoes.
I don't like to make his suffering worse.
He is at fault most likely from what is written, and from his own acknowledgement of what he did wrong.
But I don't like the "joking" that is coming out on tv, or on the web, to make it all something else to laugh about, or joke about.
It is hurtful enough. It is no time for rubbing in the horrifying mistake, or to make those still waiting for their loved ones to MAYBE return, to make light of a solemn and sad time.
I can understand when a dictator of a country is made fun of, when a person who is evil inside is torn apart, I do not do it but I can understand it. But I can't imagine doing that to a normal person, who, unfortunately made a HUGE mistake, and more than one.  My viewpoint may not be shared by many, I don't know, these are my own personal thoughts.

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Double images....

Double images....
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