Monday, 3 December 2012

A new me

New front page of my blog for a new me!
Whenever you travel and go from one part of the world to another you know what happens?
You get fresh new ideas, and then
you become an altogether new person.
Well, sort of.
I mean, kind of. Your ideas change, you see new perspectives and you become like me.....a whole new

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The best way to know who I am is to see what I create. Take a look at this blog or my other one regarding my art.

Double images....

Double images....
LOVE the double or triple image maker on my Nikon D80. Just set it, and then take two or three pics.

What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.