Friday, 19 October 2012

10 things I saw today in Los Angeles

If you keep your eyes open in a big city like Los Angeles, you can see a LOT of things, and not that "normal", but interesting and fun to observe.
I love watching people, and today was a good one for seeing people and things that they were doing, eating, and how they were once again.
Here is a small list, but it is only part of what I saw in several hours out and about, driving, walking in the malls.....

1. A beautiful girl, absolutely gorgeous, in a black dress with a slit in the front that came up right to where one would imagine would be a pair of well, underwear. She looked stunning in it, confident, like a model or an actress.
2. While having two tacos, I sat and watched other people around me. A woman stood with a huge french fried potato in her mouth, for about a minute, while emptying her tray of dirty food and paper into the bin.
3. A little girl with her mother went into the restroom with a huge pink balloon (with helium).
4. A girl was dressed up like a monster, with scars on her face, with blood, and when young boys came into the shop she greeted them "Hey, hi you guys".
5. A boy had a hair style where the points of the hair in the middle stood up completely, about 15 or more inches from his scalp. He was ready for Halloween, the hair was painted orange.
6. Three girls were getting their hair done, outside in a kind of restaurant area, one had purple hair, the other dark and the blond was having huge curls waved into it.
7. Fancy and rich (they seemed so) women were enjoying getting their hair done in a saloon, a beautiful place with magnificent space, and a sense of elegance and luxury.
8. Another man pushed a car with many of his belongings in it, walking down the hot street.
9. Lots of eating of pizza, Mexican food, Chinese, and Sushi in the piazza of the huge shopping mall, where I had my second Mexican meal in two days.
10. Mixed couples, all nationalities, hand in hand, smiling, enjoying each other's company.
This is America.
And only a part of it.

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Double images....
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