Monday, 26 November 2012

One cent and a FIRST in Perugia

One cent.
It played a role in my day today.
There was a FIRST TIME HAPPENING in Perugia today, for me.
I took something back to a store, and actually GOT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!
Almost 40 years in this country, and this was the first time that happened!!!

Yesterday I had bought a new mouse for the computer. It looked better, taller, wider, and I thought it would fit my hand better.
The salesman, a young polite boy at Media World in Perugia, said the following "If it isn't right, bring it back and you will get your money back". WHAT????? FINALLY THIS HAPPENING IN PERUGIA??
Well, at home I had a surprise. It was the same mouse I had!! In the packaging it seemed bigger, and better. What a disappointment, I would have to take it back!

In the USA you can bring things back that have been opened, used, worn, whatever!! And you can get your money back!

The mouse cost 9.99, and the girl gave me 10 euro back. I was happinly stunned. I didn't have a cent, but I did have an American one. When I gave it to her by mistake, she smiled, and said it wasn't the right currency. She was happy to keep it when I offered it to her personally, and she said that she needed it, that she needed luck for that day. Into her pocket it went. We were both happy.

THEN...........I only had time for a fast shopping at the IperCoop. The amount totaled to 10.01. Once again 1 cent! I didn't have it (once again) but the girl let it go. Nice of her.

So, one cent had a lot to do with this day. It made coming back to Perugia after two months in the States, even nicer.


Anonymous said...

now that makes cents!!!

Anonymous said...

You should title this post "Just my 2 cents!"

- DinDon


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