Friday, 29 March 2013

Twenty-four hours - from not so nice to great

In 24 hours I just had a big disappointment, and then, a huge wonderful surprise!

Sometimes people can really not come through, not respect agreements, not treat you right.
And then, in just a few hours time, you can be re-assured again about mankind through someone else doing something nice for you, showing you that yes, people can be very nice indeed.
That is what just happened to me.

And you know what? Even though I was very surprised and disappointed by the first person, the disappointment I felt, had such a small effect on me compared to the wonderful great feeling I had from the  second person who did a very nice generous surprise for me . The second person just sort of cancelled out the first!!

And that is what is great about life! If you are lucky enough to meet kind, generous and sensitive people every so often, they can really help you forget about the ones that aren't very sensitive.

Don't give up on people, you may have to wait, but the more people you meet, the more chance you have to meet some wonderfully kind souls.

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Double images....

Double images....
LOVE the double or triple image maker on my Nikon D80. Just set it, and then take two or three pics.

What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.