Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cena con delitto - my part in an Italian play

Last night was my third and final evening of having a mini mini part in the show "Requiescat in Pacem" (Rest in Peace) at the elegant country home in Ponte Pattoli (Perugia, Italy). The event is the well-known Cena con delitto, which in English means "dinner with crime".

The program consists of  a dinner for guests, who then follow the story of a mystery  that takes place in and around the tables of the dining room.  No stage, everything happens within the room, very close to the public.

My very small part was an interesting one....because my character (Anita) appeared right towards the end. No one really expected me to be alive! I waited in another room for the length of the play, waited for the actors at a certain point having dinner together (in another room where no one could see us). Then, I waited for my part, opened the door, and said my lines.
Great fun, wonderful group (and friend Loretta Bonamonte whom I had met during the filming of Lezioni di Cioccolato, 2 where I was an extra). The actors form the Sarabonda Teatro group.
Here are the photos of the evening, some behind stage after our dinner (and before appearing "on stage") and then others taken of the group after the show, dressing up as Santa and Elves.
 Here we are having fun after our dinner - in the next room the guests are waiting to find out who commited the crime.
                                                  Here we are right after receiving applause.
                                                   Two of the actos during dinner
 Here I am when I appear at the door, saying my line "Finally the truth, may Michaelangelo rest in peace"
                                                                   During the play
 Another scene....

                                                     Serious Stef appearing at the door
 And after saying my second line, thanking all for coming and wishing them a nice evening.
                                                                 Dramatic parts for all

                                                Applause in one of the stunning rooms of the villa
                                                            Receiving my applause
Sharing in on the applause with others, in front of the fireplace

                                               Then, some real fun after the serious play
The talented crew of the Sarabonda Theater

Lovely Loretta Bonamonte (thanks for thinking of me for this part!) 

The hallway of Il Covone, the villa where Cena con delitto takes place

And here I am with friend and wonderful actress, Loretta Bonamonte

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Double images....

Double images....
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