Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Packages and problems in China ---------Pacchi e problemi in Cina

VERY VERY AMUSING.......Take a look at the problems I had
when collecting addresses when in China and then trying
to use them to send photos, catalogues, and newspaper articles to China!

Many of the people who I photographed are in my
catalogue, so I thought it would be fun to
send the catalogue to these people.

Case number ONE: My Chinese friends who speak English clearly gave me their name in Chinese and their address, so I just had a Chinese friend here in Italy copy the name and address on the envelope and it was easily ready to send.

Case number TWO: SOME of the people who I "asked" to write their names and addresses in my little black book wrote just their address. So, what was missing on the package of one woman, was a name. That meant that someone (a helping friend) THIS WEEK, while my husband is in China will call the phone number of that person and get a name! Of course they will have to explain that the person who needs the name is the woman who she met a year ago and helped fix a belt at a shoemaker's on the sidewalk. All that for a NAME!!

Case number THREE: SOME people only gave me a phone number, like a photographer who, with a translator, gave me some wonderful philosophical advice: "Show the truth" in my photos, he said. Only giving me a phone number meant that someone (a helping friend) will have to call him and explain that I met him at an exhibition and that he helped me with my photos AND that a package is awaiting him of my catalogue, photos of the show and a newspaper article. I am sure he will be pleased!

Case number FOUR: Some people, artists, gave me their brochures. I wasn't sure what was what - a name, an address, or whatever! I needed help! Luckily here, a Chinese friend helped me, and not only that...she even called China! She has a very good rate on her phone (can cost just pennies a minute) to confirm addresses, names, phone numbers. It was a big job to me, but easy for her.

So....lots of people who I photographed
are receiving packages...and boy,
will they be surprised!Some are
already waiting for them to arrive,
having been advised from Italy, by my friend.

PLUS....each package, on the outside has a note to the three different people who will help to distribute is all quite complicated (notes say, call this girl at her work, perhaps take it to her; or this boy works a lot, hope he can get it otherwise call and take or send...) etc.

Now...for the Italian a real quick explanation:
Italiani.....spedire questi pacchi non era facile - mancavano nomi, indirizzi, telefoni, ecc. Alla fine ce l'ho fatto...solo perchè ho avuto l'aiuto di amici qui ed in Cina per la distribuzione.
Ora sarò curiosa sentire chi riceve e che ne pensano! Ho menzionato molti di loro nel catalogo, ed allora, saranno sorpresi e contenti, spero.

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