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The Olympics - and Italian commentators

The Olympics

For me, this is a subject that is close to my heart.

My father was in the Olympics, in London, in 1948. He was a Silver Medalists in the Javelin Throw.
There is a link about him at the bottom of the page , for those interested.

I went to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, and it was great to have the feeling, a little of the feeling my father must have had many years before. My father is no longer alive, but I know he would have been emotionally moved, as I was, last night when I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London, after all these years, back in the city my father competed in many many years ago. (link regarding my father, down below)

I thought the ceremony was stunning. Absolutely incredible!!! I love how history was shown, and how the staging of people, and things and lights was so original and breathtaking. I found it was much more meaningful from other ceremonies I have seen. There was more "soul" to this one, and there was more emphasis to normal factors in our lives, but presented in fantastic and emotionally moving ways. 

BUT....after all of my positive comments, and how I felt about this presentation, I was shocked to hear how the Italian commentators presented the event.

In the beginning and also throughout the whole event (though definitely moreso at the start) there was SO MUCH TALKING, so much explaning of what the public was seeing. The voices of the commentators was in the foreground, and the music and any speaking done by the performers was in the background!!!
It definitely was interesting information, but I ask you, "Is it necessary, it is a positive factor, to have voices and explanations cover up the beauty of the music and the original voices heard, and make one believe that they are forced to listen rather than just enjoy the visual, and feel the emotions conveyed by dancers, scenery, colors, light, that actually need no explanation at all?"

I would have thought that IF someone was interested to know about the history, or have more explanations, they could easily have been advised during the show of a link where to receive this information, but AFTER the show, after the presentation of this marvelous event.

I just spoke to a friend in the States who said that he believe the commentators did a superb job in their reporting. I would not say the same here in Italy!!

This is the not the only time this kind of "jabbering" has ruined cultural events. I have noticed the same kind of behaviour during ice-skating performances, when beautiful dancing on ice, lovely costumes and peaceful or exciting music is covered up by the constant commentators telling us what we are seeing. IS IT ALL REALLY NECESSARY????

Do we have to be told that what we are seeing or who we are seeing has years of experience, or that they come from a certain city, or that their we have to listen and not just enjoy the event in silence in order to get into the mood that particular performance is trying to set?

Only after the first half hour or so, did they start to lessen their talking. Or else I was getting used to it and blocking it out in order to enjoy the celebration.

It was a beautiful show, and so wonderful to watch the parade of the many countries, their costumes, their glowing smiles, their pride, and all the differences you could see of the many faces from around the globe. But for one day, they were all the same, all united, all together. It was a joy to be part of this opening presentation, and to feel a part of mankind.

Here is the link regarding my father, Stephen A. Seymour, Olympic Medalist 1948.

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