Thursday, 16 August 2012

Prostitutes..........and roasted pig sandwiches

Funny title I know, but what we saw last night was quite amusing.

We were driving back from Torgiano, quite was about 12:45 at night. We were driving a part of the town where usually there are several prostitutes, standing around in their very scanty clothing, shorts, or mini skirts. I didn't see any at all, and I said to my husband "Well, usually there are prostitutes here at night, tonight there aren't any".

My husband said, "No, they wouldn't be out here so close to the truck that sells porchetta". (Porchetta is a delicious roasted pig sandwich, very tasty, even with the skin of the pig, and lots of delicious seasonings).

Just then, we passed the truck where they serve these sandwiches....the owner of the truck cuts slices off a roasted pig in display, usually not the whole pig but part of it that has been cut. He makes the sandwich right before your eyes, putting in as much meat as you want.

What was there? WHO was there buying and munching on sandwiches? Why, what do you know!?! Two young prostitutes, dressed more or less the same, in extremely short black shorts, (I only had a second to see them, we were driving by) AND eating a porchetta sandwich!!

Well, it was quite an unusual sight to see!! They really looked like they were enjoying those sandwiches, actually, for someone dressed in sexy black shorts, they didn't look very sexy or lady-like at all, but just were really getting into eating those sandwiches...con gusto (with apetite!)


Life is strange.
Life is funny.
And NIGHTLIFE can be just the same, strange and funny!

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Double images....

Double images....
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