Thursday, 13 September 2012

Trees don't say yes or no

Thoughts about trees, people, and taking pictures
Who knows what the owners of this field (a magnificent villa in the background) thought
 when they saw ME out there, walking around and taking pictures.
No only was I there in the morning....
but I came back in the afternoon.
Can't see me here, I am the one BEHIND the camera!

Photography has to do with people. Even if you aren't even taking photos of people, they are around and they see what you do (not always of course). And while they are seeing what you are doing, you must decide if you want to continuing taking pictures.
Sometimes it is easy to continue, and other times they give you a dirty stare.
 Then you have to decide if the photo is more important or the dirty stare.

I have been in some positions where I have confronted people, or asked to take their picture and then, they sometimes have said no. THAT is a real disappointment. Makes you feel really bad.
Sometimes you have to explain to them "I am an artist". Or you tell them you are going to have a show.

I was in China, taking pictures inside a supermarket. The women had on masks, and they were preparing food. I was photographing something that looked just like prosciutto, but I don't think it was. I was watching these women watch me, and something told me they didn't think I should be photographing them. I continued anyhow, but in a more discreet way.
I went out of the shop and discovered an incredible
 shop with cakes that were a yard tall. One looked just like
the Eiffel Tower. I started to take pictures from the inside
 of the shop, and they let me know I could not.

I once wanted to photograph some very "hip" black kids
 in the States. They were dressed so so cool.
 It was the first time I had seen those very baggy type of pants,
 you know, the ones where the crotch is about
2 feet too long. The mother gave me a very bad stare....
I didn't ask again, and didn't take the shot.

At the end of my street I saw a man, in the snow, who just sort of blended in with his white hair.

 He was wearing something red and I thought it would be a great winter shot.

 I asked. He replied. NO.

How embarassed I felt, for him and for me.
Quiet guy.
Never spoke to him ever again. That was enough.
after saying all this, and taking a computer pause...................
now we both know why at times, it is just easier to shoot trees.
They don't say yes, and they certainly don't say no.

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Double images....
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