Wednesday, 10 October 2012

House on wheels

THIS is the strangest sight so far.

NOT the woman with the nylon stockings up to her calves, and shorts to the knees and very plump figure, lots of make up and laughing with girlfriends, feeling very free and happy.

And NOT the girl with four dogs, taking them for a walk, looking like she was enjoying herself.

The strangest sight so far was NOT a very nice shiny car parked in the middle of the street with no one in it   maybe he was laying down in the car, or dead, or...??? While traffic waited behind him wanting to know why isn't this car moving....
The strangest sight so far in the Valley, outside of the city of Los Angeles......

I was driving, and for only a few seconds was I able to see a man with a beard, pushing a shopping cart, inside were large bundles of clothing I imagine, and probably shoes and some food, and attached to this cart was a little dog, walking next to the man and his cart. And behind this cart was ANOTHER strange means of transportation, but it was a kind of tent, and inside rolled up sleeping bags or blankets. It was his house, his home, his dog, his clothes his EVERYTHING on wheels.

That was IT.

And I only saw it for the moment I was driving by.
But so far, THIS is the strangest thing I have seen yet in Los Angeles, the city of angels. 
And I do hope that an angel is watching over this man, dog, house, on wheels.

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Double images....

Double images....
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