Sunday, 11 November 2012

7 differences of Italy and Los Angeles

Here is a list of things that I am definitely going to miss about Los Angeles.
They are things that would really improve the quality of life in our beautiful little Italy.
I live in Italy but I was born in California.
Each time I come back I make new realizations. Here are a few of them:

1. Since Oct 5 when I arrived here, I have only TWO TIMES thought, while driving,
"Hey, don't get so close!" and yesterday "What do you think you are doing, trying to pass me in this small amount of space?"
In Italy EVERY TIME I DRIVE, even for just a few minutes, there are several drivers who do all sorts of strange things from parking where they should not, to passing in a dangerous way, to following other cars much too close, to not letting you pass or curve, to honking if you are trying to park. People are very inconsiderate on the whole, and being back here is such a relief to drive and not get upset at the drivers.

2. People try to help you out with suggestions in stores. If they don't have a product, they might suggest another store.

3. Anything you buy can be brought back. They give you your money back. THIS is something that just doesn't happen in Italy. If you change your mind, too bad. If it doesn't feel right or doesn't look good, that is your problem. America is amazing about this and has been for years.

4. Smiles while you walk. You can take a walk on the street, and be greeted by pure strangers who will smile or say good morning. So refreshing!

5. Artists helping artists. I have had several people share their news and suggestions. They will give you leads, help you out. People don't hold onto their good luck and fortune, much more common to share here. Much more a feeling of community.

6. Positive attitude. Italy is now in a low, and rightfully so. Not good times there. But people complain here too. BUT the attitude, the daily feeling is more positive. And naturally, that feels good.

7. People do lots here. Women my age are into lots of activities. People in general are doing a lot of things, and there isn't the feeling that it is too much. The city offers so much and people take advantage of it. This kind of feeling makes me feel good!!
PS -- and by the way, people like to have fun!! And just looking around, it shows!

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Double images....
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