Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Is Life in Italy Better??

Feeling quite well in Italy, where I have lived for a long long time.
Grew up in Los Angeles, but have spent most of my life here, in Perugia, Italy.

Now I have an interesting reflection to make. Something about the lifestyle here in Italy.
I used to often compare the USA to Italy. I would go there and think about life here. I would be there and dream about life here. I would be here and go there and get confused about where I was on the first night of waking up.

Now, after a trip to L.A. I am back and enjoying it much more than I had (back here in Italy). I see many more of the good points.
Let me tell you about a simple morning, and how easy it was to get things done, compared to what I had recently experienced in L.A.

One morning I had to make several calls to speak with a medical center here. It was easy...made the call, they passed me to the right office, then I talked to a person who gave me information. There were no numbers to push, just immediately I got the right people to speak for. Then I got out of the house and immediately booked an appointment. Really fast and easy. In a few minutes then, I was able to send two letters (had stamps put on fast and easy in a short line) and also put credit on a cellphone. In a matter of fifteen minutes I got all these things done. Then, right next door, I was able to buy a package of carrots, in just a matter of a minute or two.

Boy, that was fast!!! No lines, no parking to deal with, everything nice and easy and right in the neighborhood.

Not like in L.A. with those huge streets, long lines, everything was just waiting for me, and everything was fast fast fast...and very efficient.

So, when I think that in the States everything works better, actually in a small town, where things are closer, lots of times things go really well here. And now, I appreciate it even more.

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Double images....

Double images....
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What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.