Monday, 18 May 2015

Parking lot encounter - or, Foreigner in a parking lot

Funny. Funny story for me and for this guy in a parking lot this morning.
I parked my car.
There was plenty of space everywhere, I parked in a place where my new car wouldn't get hit by somebody's door when they opened it.
Did my shopping, then came back and just then someone pulled their car in really quickly right next to mine. I looked, his door was open, there was space between his car and mine, but not that much (as happens in Italian parking lots) He didn't get out of the car, but waited (sending a message on cellphone?). I looked, watched him and went to put my cart away.
Then I opened up my car automatically, the side mirrors started to go outward as they do. I went over to see if they were touching his door, but the door was now closed with the driver inside.
He: "I didn't touch your car with my door"
Me: "No, I was looking to see if my mirror touched YOUR car when I op0ened them up now".
He: (seemingly shocked) "BEAUTIFUL" "You thought you hit MY car!!" "Where are you from, you're a foreigner".
Me: "You can tell when someone's a foreigner hmmm?" (meaning, I was concerned about hitting his car) "It's been forty years that people ask me where I am from".
and He: "BEAUTIFUL!!!"
He looked shocked as I drove away waving out the window.

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Double images....

Double images....
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