Sunday, 17 July 2016

Step on your wife, kiss the flowers

Nothing like a trip to my favorite place in Italy, CASTELLUCCIO!
It is the most glorious of places, not far from the town of Norcia, and once one
 arrives your heart is filled with joy at the view, the air, the clouds,
 and the flowers which
 bloom during certain parts of the year.

Here a young couple very much in love appartently are being photographed, perhaps professionally, or semi-professionally by a photographer who intelligently placed the couple in the fields were it is obviously seen by signage along the road "off limits".

 THIS is naturally, to protect the lovely flowers that will be destroyed and die under their new shiny shoes, trampled to death so that others cannot enjoy them.
But, love, sweet kisses, why should NATURE matter when love is in the air??
ENJOY young couple! 

It is only there for thousands of others to enjoy.
Why respect a simple STAY OUT sign when you can easily just step right IN, ON AND CRUSH
what is there for ALL TO ENJOY?

Will this couple love and respect one another as much as they apparently seem to love and respect nature?

"Step on your wife, and kiss the flowers.......goodby."

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Double images....

Double images....
LOVE the double or triple image maker on my Nikon D80. Just set it, and then take two or three pics.

What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.