Sunday, 9 October 2016

Press Release THE OTHER SIDE of Stephanie Seymour

This month I will be presenting a large new series of paintings
 at an exhibition at the Gaia Gallery in Papiano (Marsciano) which
 is in the Regione of Umbria, Italy.
Here is the press release translated into English,
 written by curator and artist, Pino Bonanno. 

Saturday October 15, 2016, during the event AMACI (Contemporary Art Day), the opening of the personal art exhibition “The Other Side” will be held at 7pm at Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220, Marsciano – Papiano (Perugia) of the artist Stephanie Seymour, with the presentation by Fiorenza Mosci.
The exhibition is an event organized by E20Gaia.

Between irony,  social commitment, the need to represent the limits that  existence imposes, the pleasure of letting go to the aesthetics of creating, to the incessant dialogue with  color and its mysteries, Stephanie Seymour fascinates us with her works in the exhibition "The Other Side ".

The exhibition is a project in which the search for one’s self  exalts through sustained action of internal analysis. Seymour is an artist who stubbornly pursues  responses between landings and departures, in the need to crystallize the poetic inclination of life, invisible and elusive of this present illusion.  She is a diviner who has an urgent inner need to give shape and structure of language to her emotions.

Hers is an expressive and human universe, dense and complex: her art lives on poetry and, at the same time, is extraordinarily visionary. It is expressed on the border between  dreamlike and surreal, and  takes unpredictable forms, never predictable.

Her attention is to the psychological relationship between
herself and  reality that surrounds her, in the attempt to imagine other identities that enable them to live and overcome the increasingly suffocating  and repetition of everyday life.   

The nature of humanity and her deep poetic feeling is the center for artistic reflection that finds its maximum expression in intense chromatic elaboration  full of suggestions for insatiable soul-searching.
The exhibition is also a reflection on  woman and her role in relationships with  reality that surrounds her.  As body and character, precious presence and misunderstood human figure, strong and weak.              Pino Bonanno

Artist:  Stephanie Seymour
Opening :  Saturday October 15, 2016, 7pm
Gallery:  Gaia Gallery, Strada per Caprareccia, 220 – Marsciano-Papiano (Pg)
Dates:  15 Ottobre   –  20 Novembre 2016
Curator:  Pino Bonanno
Presentation of exhibition: Fiorenza Mosci
Hours open: Monday to Sunday 10am-13pm  – 4pm – 7.
Secretary organizers:  E20 Gaia - e-mal: -  tel.+39.347.3652984                

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Double images....

Double images....
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