Tuesday, 22 May 2012

SANGEMINI - medieval town

First time in SANGEMINI the other day for the photography exhibition H20 not just a formula.
It is a very enjoyable, clean and friendly town. People were helpful, smiling, and the streets were clean, everything perfect.
Here are lots of photos I took of the winding streets, houses and walls from the 14th and 15th century, A really lovely place to visit and take a walk around town.
On our arrival, here is the town's name showing the meters above sea level, 345. 

In the beautiful park near the exhibition of photos (in the old factory for bottled water) there were these interesting fountains.

 We didn't stick around for the champagne after a conference,  but it was nice even just seeing it on the table in the park.
This man was so friendly...I complimented his town, and he gave me a big smile. Later I saw him going into his house nearby, and met his neighbors too.

Interesting side of a building, with stones.

Taking a walk around these medieval towns is good exercise and breathing in the fresh air, enjoyable.

Here is the man I met, and the house in the background belongs to one of the women in the picture. What a great house!

Sangemini has many of these little bridges between the houses.

 Seeing doors with this kind of studs isn't that common. A huge one, this one is!
                                                  Interesting construction above this doorway.
A view from the end of one of the little streets. 

A typical restaurant in this area

Happy to see a 500 car by Fiat. Parked in front of this enormous building made me smile.

Leaving the town, this is the view I saw when I looked up.

And here it is again. Hope to be back one day, really enjoyed this little town. 

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Double images....

Double images....
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