Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Italian Crisis....and the Italians

I sometimes ask people here in Italy "What is the worse thing that is happening now in Italy with this crisis?" Some respond, lack of jobs.
Others respond lack of money!
Others respond people are worried about the future.
Others say, one can't plan anything, or
our kids are leaving Italy or they WANT to leave.

I think that the worst thing that is happening now is the MOOD of people, they are just plain depressed!
It is hard to plan, it is difficult to be UP when things are so DOWN.

And you know, people are doing things differently now. More and more are looking out for themselves even more than before.
People don't keep their word anymore.
It is easy to promise and less easy to keep a promise. Because times are rough! But people STILL like to act like they are able to keep promises, keep their word, invite, be interested...when really, they have no intention to help, collaborate, pay, just plain DO what they might have done before...because this CRISIS, more than just an economic one, is getting to people in their minds! They are in a crisis! In more than one way.

Now that I have gotten THAT off my chest, now that I have gotten that into the air....
let me say that here in Italy, we have much going for us. We have beautiful views, air, history. The food is great, and we are surrounded by beauty.

And now, during these difficult times, people are trying to be more creative. In a lot of ways they are so, creating events, happenings, shows, etc. But, also at the same time, they are being less courteous. So.....WATCH OUT!! Accept and smile, but be careful at the same time. People are out to do the best they can for themselves, and you might just be one of those they step on!!!

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Double images....

Double images....
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