Friday, 21 September 2012

Legs, hands, and swimming in Italy

Swimming. Peacefulness. A good place for reflecting, when you are in the water, doing laps, you can really think about life, ab out nature, or even about a problem. When you have finished swimming, most likely you will have solved the problem. Really! Or regarding creating, you can just come up with the right idea and find answers. It has happened to me many times.

ONLY THAT....swimming in Italian pools is much like driving on Italian streets. There just isn't much room.
People have ARMS. I don't know if they realized that when they created the lanes you are supposed to swim in. It is ok if you don't use your arms and just swim by kicking. But what happens, is that your arms and the arms of others, and their hands, end up, well, wherever they are going to end up!

Usually, at a certain pool, there are at least two people in one lane. And in the next lane there are two or three people there too. That makes a lot of arms and a lot of hands, just think about it.

Usually, you end up touching. Usually a hand comes by and touches your leg, NOT FOR MUCH TIME, however, just a tiny bit. And you think, can't they be more careful, I wonder if they realized that!?!
Then, you end up touching a shoulder. You want to stop and say "excuse me" but the person has already swum by and the next one is about to arrive, in YOUR lane, and another one going the other way in the next way. Hands, legs, feet, all over the place.

Yesterday there was one fellow, I don't know how he could have been such a sloppy swimmer. He was hitting the water with a violent blow, splashing and to tell you the truth, I was actually afraid that he would hit me...and hard! I stayed out of his way during his performance of the crawl. And when he did backstroke, I stayed out of his way again (he couldn't see where he was going, and I didn't want to get in his way).

So, next time you are in Italy and you decide to go to the pool, just be ready to possibly be someone you don't even know, just because, as I said, there isn't much space in Italy. And don't be surprised if you too, happen to caress someone's leg, just by mistake, while you are doing your laps. It's not your fault, remember, it's just how Italy is.

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Double images....
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