Saturday, 22 September 2012

Seymour's Happiness Test

Several months ago, I got really down in the dumps (that means, I got really low, feeling a lot less positive than I usually am).
I was disgusted with things, with the way things are done, and how I was treated with less respect than I deserve to be.Everything went from "pink" to "gray".

These were my thoughts.

I knew that it was going to get in the way of my cheerful, happy, humorous outlook on life, and also on my ironic art.
Things were definitely going to change, and my art was going to change.
I talked about this with different people. I said "My happiness in art is going to change...and change for the worse!" I thought that I may start doing devils, and horrible scenes, ugly and depressing artwork. It seemed to fit in with today's society, with what people actually wanted! Even skulls are popular on childrens' clothes, so why should I try to cheer people up with happy art, things that make people smile. WHY? WHY?
WHY? (I asked myself)

Well, times got better, a little better, I started to believe in people again, and then....and even now, I seem to continue doing what I guess I do best, and that is, maybe, just maybe I am good at making people smile?
Who knows!?! And, does anyone care?
I mean...
Do people really want to smile and do they need to smile?


1. Look at the above picture
2. If it makes you smile, does that make you feel good?
3.Now, if you feel good, is that nice?
4. And if that is nice, are you happy about that?
5. And if you are happy? Is that better than before, when you weren't happy?


(and I will write it very small to not look like I really believe or know what I am talking about...)

(maybe, just maybe, somebody like me who does ironic happy art, has not only the RIGHT to continue doing their happy kind of art, but the obligation to do it too. And in that case,  perhaps that particular person should be encouraged and helped to continue doing what they do because it just could be a positive thing to sort of, in a way, kind of, better the mood of people in these depressed times??? And maybe these kind of artists are actually (who knows?) helping people to find some meaning in this world, through a smile or two or three......but just maybe. 
Then again, who knows....

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Double images....
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