Monday, 24 September 2012

If you don't get OUT nothing gets IN

I had a thought the other day.
If you don't get out...mix with people, hear others speaking, look at things, see animals, feel the air, touch a tree, hear some music, walk around and see people you know and those you don't, then, staying at home, some days can be that there is no change, no learning, nothing new, and no stimulus.
If you don't get OUT in the world, then nothing comes into YOUR world.
Yes, you can read, and watch tv and do anything you want witnin your walls, BUT I like to think after I have really gotten all over town, bumped into people, shared a few words, smiled and received them, that getting out can guarantee that SOMETHING happens!
Like I said, gettint OUT puts something into your life!

Could go on and on, and even bore some of you the world over (yes, I DO follow who is following me.....I know where you are, even though not WHO you are, and I DO appreciate that you may find my words fun, useful, amusing, WHATEVER).
You find me, and well, in a way I find you ; )
BUT for those who want to stay put in their own little shell, as safe as it may be.... my words to you are

G E T     O U T!!!    

G E T     O U T!!!    
G E T     O U T!!!     If nothing has been happening lately in your life, it will!!!


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Double images....

Double images....
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