Sunday, 13 January 2013


Quiet at home.
Kids in bed, me here quietly thinking and staring at this computer.
Out from nowhere. The quieter it is, the more easily the thoughts arrive.
Like when I go swimming. Do more thoughts come UNDER the water or on TOP of the water?
Never really thought about that one before! All I know, when I am at the pool, and my body and mind are getting really relaxed, I get very empty and relaxed inside, BUT new thoughts swim around me, and I can either come up with new ideas for art, or I solve technical problems dealing with creating, right while I am swimming.
I love it!
It is so stimulating, so total, so different from the busy daytime and traffic and goings on in the house.....that quiet space, that quiet time that we all need. They call it "down time". But actually it is sort of UP TIME.
A pick-me-up time that picks up my spirits, and gets me going.
Even a walk can do it.
Or just sitting and thinking.
And you never really appreciate it so much as when you realize that you haven't had much of that time lately.
Like me for example.
So, I keep looking for more of those moments, and realize how needed and precious they are.
And even, as I write this, I feel that I am getting more relaxed and quiet and into that ready-for-bed time.
Tomorrow is another day. A silly sentence, but so true. A better day, as we all hope for. And maybe even a quieter one.
I search for quiet lately.
So I will sign off with a nice
Shhhhhhhhh..................quietly turning off the house lights, the computer, and quietly will say
good night.

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Double images....

Double images....
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What's the weather like now in Perugia?

Cold one day, sunny the next. Cold in the house. But we still need our coats or lightweight ones or padded jackets outside. Chilly, and not sunny. I like it like this, no problem for me.