Sunday, 10 March 2013

Well, well, well!!!

Well, we say that in English when there is something to say, it's an introduction. I doesn't mean that all is well, but in my case it is, basically.
Well, what do I have to say....?
Things are different now.
They ALWAYS are!
But now, even more different than they were a while back.
Lots of things are much more exciting! Lots more going on, though, things are more difficult as well.
But they say one learns from difficulty, and I love challenges so...................
You could say, I am learning a lot, and having challenges.
Of course, that makes things sort of tiring! If you love challenges and you have a lot of them and you like to do lots of things and you do them and then things change and you have to adapt to the changes...yes, I am tired just thinking about it.
EXCEPT I usually have lots of energy! And that is good, but then, you can sometimes only take so much, and do so much...
But at this point, I am taking and doing a lot!
One thing, is that I now have a real studio to work in.
And I am creating a lot.
And it is great! It feels wonderful! I can think, and hear myself do so. I can paint as much as I like, and turn on the music and think and reflect and my mind is stimulated by all this. Means a lot to have a quiet space to work in.
So, sorry for who was following has been a time of great change and great "having lots to do".
I am getting myself involved in many activities, and they are quite exciting for me.
And so, my poor blog has suffered, but I think some of you may realize that, if you have come here and seen the same post and not too much new.
Today I will fresh up all the different parts of the blog, if you are here, you can snoop around and see more Italian, curiosities about Italian life, and about food. And this post, hope you now have an idea about why I wasn't here much!
Good to "see" you again anyhow. What a strange relationship we see me but I don't see you!
Leave a comment, so I can get to know you too.
Have a great day, night, afternoon.
And take care of yourselves.
PS THIS is a new painting called "Dog Walker", 16"x20", acrylic on paper.

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Double images....

Double images....
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