Thursday, 9 May 2013

Where have I been?

Ladies and gentlemen!
Where have I been for the last several weeks, or have they grown into months.....
Life is a change, and some times are busier than other, more changes, and harder to keep up with it all.
I guess this has been a time like that.

I love being busy.
I have a hard time relaxing, actually.
I just started a wonderful new sport, Nordic Walking, and that takes up a little bit of my time. It is very relaxing so this is good. When I am out walking with this walking sticks, I just feel great, and at the same time  work on building up my shoulders arms and getting a good workout.

But also, I have been painting a lot!
I now have a place to paint, and it means that I can quietly turn off the sounds and the world around me, and just paint, in a very meditative way. It has been a very positive move for me, and one that not only relaxes me, but stimulates my creativity even more. I guess it is a time where I need to have quiet and be alone. And that is what painting is usually all about, being alone with the painting. It feels great.

Plus, lots going on at home. Lots of changes. Hard to keep up at times! Hard to know the next step to take, or where you are about to go. One thing about me is that I have always been attracted to challenge and change. I never like to mentally stay in one place. I love to travel, but when that isn't possible, I travel mentally with my mind.....and I let my creativity take over and take me to new places, I guess.

Anyhow, perhaps this is where I have been.....painting, walking, dealing with change, and not spending much time on my blog, which at first was very important to me. It got smothered under what I would call LIFE. It got put to the side, and this is something that I was unhappy about. Also, it had been rated by WIKIO which was a blog rating tool. All of a sudden Wikio disappeared!! If anyone has any news about it, let me know!

Also, I was involved in photography competititons, and out of town guests, and all sorts of things....LIFE and all the things it can offer.

You will never find me just sitting around, not yet anyhow ; )

Thought I would drop in and say hello.
Would be nice to keep up with my blog as I used to. Any comments on this, you guys out there in the virtual world??

Must go, hope you are enjoying following me here, lots of posts of the past to check out. I also have my art blog that got updated just a little time ago. So, whoever wants can drop on by again, or write, or send me an email. My email is

Signing off for tonight
Your friend

Here I am at a very beautiful place in the countryside, Carapace, where they have a big exhibition in a fabulous sculpture/building. And yes, the wine was very good.

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Double images....

Double images....
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