Monday, 1 July 2013

Best party in my life

It was the BEST!
The very best party I've ever gone to.
Just yesterday, at Trasimeno Lake, in the country home of friends, a huge, magnificent very international party, and it was the best and most wonderfully organized party, I have ever been to.

It was a party organized by one of my very dear friends, and English woman who planned for months, getting people from various countries ready to celebrate the wedding that had already taken place in India, for her son, and his Indian bride.
People came from India, from Canada, Paris, London and England. There were all these nationalities, as well as Italian, American, South Africa, a little Chinese girl, and Korean. It was a very colorful party, the Indian men wore their turbans, the women wore their customary dress, and people dressed in various colors, as they do at Indian weddings. The bombonieri and other decorations were in bright colors - violet, orange, pink, red, yellow, green, and flowers were on the tables as well as ribbons hanging from above. There was music and oh was there dancing! There was a dear friend who performed a dance, and a take-off on the song "Oh Happy Day", with words to fit the bride and groom.
One of the guests, a grandmother and important member of the group, was 94 years old, and she definitely enjoyed every moment of the afternoon that rolled into evening.
And as you can see in this photo, there were more photographers taking photos of the meal, dancing, and interesting people to be seen. Yes, never saw so many photographs taken all at the same time.
There was joking, and laughing, and lots of fun for all. And the food was wonderful, with roses on top of the red and white cake, and loads of vegetables, cheeses, wine, champagne, and pasta with truffles.
What a day! What fun! And sun perfect organization to get all those international people settled into accomodation, and then to continue the next day (today) with a trip to the lake.

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Double images....

Double images....
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