Saturday, 15 June 2013

Prague, Czech Republic

WONDERFUL trip to Prague, first time there and I hope not my last time!
Beautiful city with lots to see, beautiful buildings, wonderful art, interesting change from one section of town to the next. Easy to get around, good food, and a comfortably planned city for tourists. The weather was not great the first couple of days, with increased rain at times, that was definitely not wanted nor needed by anyone after the flooding they have had just recently this month.
As you can see in this picture below, the level of the water was up, and many streets were closed off, being controlled by a lot of police, keeping traffic and pedestrians away as to not enter with their cars or by foot where work was being done.
But then the weather cleared up, and we had several very nice days, at time very warm, even at night.

My best day, although I had very many good times, was when I decided to take the tram all day long and without any given plan, just started to go on one of them into an unknown section. When I realized that I was getting out into the country, I just got off, and decided to go back the other way. I saw things that looked interesting and could just hop off and get on again. Very easy, and a good way to see the city.
I liked the area I was in, the signs were not written in English, and so my adventurous side was very satisfied. I liked to be able to guess what was inside of shops by the store windows, which didn't always give me a real clue. I went into one, thinking they had office supplies I might need, and instead they sold computer inks, etc and there was a very interesting collection of old typewriters in the back room. Another antique shop had many books, and lots of old ceramics from the city, metal objects, and glassware.

I found a shop I had been in the day before, and was very happy to find some paints and brushes. I asked the salesgirl if she spoke English and she didn't. But she was very clever at understanding, and with sign language I got across the idea that I was looking for modern galleries, or an artist neighborhood. A client overheard me, and I was so lucky to get the name of THE modern art gallery DOX, which was just minutes away on a tram she guided me to. She gave me her card, she is a young publisher of art books and children's books, very kind and helpful.

I got to the DOX museum and was so impressed by the very modern work of Czech work, the architecture of the building, and the installations. I had a nice conversation with one of the young workers, and enjoyed the photography, installations, huge paintings, and some very unique work. Will tell you more on another post, anyhow, a great museum to visit if you love contemporary as I do.

Here is a view that one gets while walking up to the Castle. It was actually raining in this picture, and I took a long and tiring hike, but it was worth it.
I had never been to Prague before, but definitely reccomend it. It is a beautiful city, and a city that is well adapting to the large amount of tourists. Unfortunately many things that were once free to visit, now have a fee. This is just what happens to cities once tourists come to visit them. Definitely a lot of the prices in general are less expensive than Itay, including much of the food. The beer is excellent, and there is a large selection of everything, including exquisite cakes.

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Double images....

Double images....
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