Sunday, 20 December 2015

One of the best things about Italy: FOOD

Hello after a long time. I have been busy. I have been reflecting. I have been away and now I am back.
Happy to be back too.
In a week's time, after five weeks in Los Angeles, I realize that one of the most beautiful things about Italy is so apparent, that perhaps I hadn't thought about it as much as I am doing presently. That thing is

Since back I have had the enormous pleasure to receive the most delightful FOOD gifts from people. And that reminds me just how nice this part of Italian culture is.

First I was given some wonderful persimmons, they had been collected from trees out in my friend's yard. They sat around the house for several days, on a tray in the kitchen and now we are enjoying eating them, delicious and easy to eat, with just one small seed in the middle. I was also given by this friend some fresh cabbage which I used in making Chinese food one day and a salad the next.

The day after another friend gave me some oranges which he had received as a gift, and some tangerines.

Just yesterday we had guests for the day, and they brought an amazing array of delicious, typical Italian foods prepared by themselves. First, some wine, one bottle that we were told we will have to open it about 12 hours beforehand since it is old, and to pour it very slowly. The other bottles are other wines they produce. The most important gift, they told us, is their own olive oil. We will use it in special ways, by pouring it on toasted bread, or using it sparingly in other ways. Also, two jars of homemade jam -- one made of blackberries picked in the countryside, and another very special one, chestnut spread!  Also, they just "threw" in two finocchi (anise) and some long porri, how do you say that in English....the long leeks! What an array of wonderful things!
And with all this food-giving that goes on here, also a lot more cooking goes on than it does in Los Angeles. I was inspired to make a vegetable "sformato" to take to a little music and food party this evening, in three different flavors. I separated with vegetables with aluminum foil and once they were all sauteed, I poured an egg and parmesan mixture on top, and into the oven. Now they are cut and put onto a tray to take.

Italy has its problems (a true understatement) but the food does save us here, and it is always a pleasure to eat things that people grow in their gardens or prepare by hand.

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Double images....

Double images....
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