Wednesday, 1 August 2012

TOILET PAPER -- a story

Well well well!!!!
I didn't think we would have arrived exactly at THIS point!
I mean, I knew we had problems economically, the world over. But this little story, something that happened yesterday, once again made me smile and think "Yes, we really HAVE arrived somewhere!"

Imagine me, in the heat, at the little grocery store near my house, just going in for a few things, one of them being very basic.....
I went in to buy some TOILET PAPER.

I went over the the section that has it, and I found a sign saying that a certain kind was on sale. It was a hefty role, that when you squeezed it it didn't flatten out between your fingers, but stayed firm meaning "there is a lot of paper here, we are not trying to trick you".

I went to the cashier asking if THIS was the one on sale (the other shelf was empty and this one had the same name as the card advertising the sale paper.

The girl left the cash registar (no one was there)
and here comes the good part, so I will write it big....
"NO, this one is for sensitive skin. The one on sale isn't for sensitive skin."
"OH" I said. "I see!"
I was thinking about this, trying to imagine what kind of paper this normal toilet paper was made from, and just how aggressive it could possibly be!"
"Did you want the one that isn't on sale for sensitive skin or did you want the one on sale, that isn't for sensitive skin? I can get you the other one, it's in the back room".
"Well...." thinking about the difference in price and still trying to figure out how they could actually come out and say that one was probably soft and subtle and had a nice feel, and the other one....well, what could it be like I thought.....sandpaper?

"Well, I will take the one NOT for sensitive skin".
The girl smiled, and so did I. And then I remarked in Italian "Siamo proprio arrivati a questo punto, eh?" And she replied, "Sì, proprio a questo punto". And that means....
"We have actually arrived at this point haven't we...?!" And she replied, "Yes, right to this point".

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Double images....
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