Wednesday, 17 July 2013

When something you love comes back

Hi everyone,
Just had a very busy period, that is not about to calm down. In fact, it is a period where good and bad mix and blend, making it very easy to understand what they say about life "After the bad comes the good" and visa versa.
Two days ago something wonderful happened. After so much, let's call it "BAD LUCK", something touched my heart.
I have always said the following "You can't take an old boyfriend back, and the same goes for a job: once you leave it, you can't return to it." This seemed to make sense to me, in my boyfriend years long ago, and in my work experience. If you left something for a reason, you can't go back and have the same feelings about it.
BUT the other day, something returned to me, something I love, and the feeling I felt was like that of a little girl receiving some tiny gift, or reaching out for an ice cream. I felt such tenderness, and so good. It surprised me to have this feeling, and realize what this item means to me.
My camera came back from the shop. It sounds funny to write it, but it was a relief and a joy to see a big SDA truck arrive, a smiley courrier show up, and me, having to sign a form in order to receive the package, fearful that the box may have dropped while I used it as a support to write on, and then finally craddling the box in my arms, and proudly taking it into the house, no longer thinking of the expense it took to fix it.
My baby has returned!
For women, women who wear earrings, when you go out of the house without them you feel you are forgetting something important. Well, when I spent the last weeks going out of the house to events and a special occasion without my camera, I really felt I was lacking something.
And it got back just in time. Saturday I leave for a week and will happily take my camera along to record new places people and things.
Happy to have something I love come back again.

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Double images....

Double images....
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